Koren Robinson revealed

SeahawksInsider recently asked Wolfpack fans of North Carolina State to comment on Seattle's signing of wide receiver Koren Robinson. Some speculated prior to the 2001 NFL Draft that Robinson's character issues could force his stock to slide. Some may think the jury is still out. Here's your chance to see for yourself and hear the inside scoop from the fans that know Koren best ...

Robinson might be young (21) and lack experience (two years at N.C. State), but many believe the Seahawks have in fact found a replacement for the loss of wideout speedster Joey Galloway, who was traded to Dallas for two first-round draft picks after the 1999 season.

"Koren is an incredible talent. He is as cocky as the day is long, but has repeatedly backed up his talk. He finds a way. If Holmgren can get the ball to Koren, he will move it down the field. He makes people miss, and he can get behind (the defense)." - Charlotte_Wolf

"He worked extremely hard to go from a high school running back to a premier wide receiver. What were his character issues?
1. Drawing attention to himself after a big play. Don't think that will be a big issue in a league where players do the funky chicken after a two-yard run for a first down.
2. Not wanting to go to class. There are no poetry classes in the NFL. Torry Holt was his mentor. I'm an instant Seattle fan. Can't wait for the season!" - oldpack69

"My opinion of what Koren brings to the table:
1. First, he has very good speed. He is probably a 4.35 guy when healthy. Definitely sub 4.4.
2. He has good vision and great balance. He is very elusive in the open field and is difficult to tackle.
3. In my opinion, his best and most underrated asset is his ability to get off the line of scrimmage.

He is hard to jam because of his elusiveness, size and strength. Because of this, he often creates space between himself and the defender and breaks free at the line of scrimmage. He also seems to catch up to balls that look like they are overthrown. But he can catch a shorter throw and take it to the house. I look at Koren as Peter Warrick with 4.35 speed. If I were A Seahawk fan, I'd be excited about the possibilities." - CarlSpackler

"When he was in the game, anything could happen. When he fielded a punt or kickoff, he was a threat to take it all the way. He gets so many yards after the catch because he is elusive. A rival scouting paper described his play this year in the ACC as a 'man among boys.' He was, simply put, unstoppable. Ok, so he slept through a class once every other week. That won't be a problem in Seattle. He is a keeper." - howlie

"Koren, quite simply, is one of those guys who dominates the football field. He forces the defense to know where he is at all times. He comes back and blocks for the ball carrier, most importantly, he knows how to get into the end zone and is a true game-breaker in every sense of the word. Good luck Koren! The Seahawks have a new fan. Go Hawks! GO PACK!" - TravBird84

"I attended every N.C. State home and away football game last season, and even more than his game-breaking physical capabilities, I developed an appreciation for Koren's spirit. A lot of players get out on the field and try to tune the crowd out. At nearly every away game, Koren was out there waving his arms to inspire the rooting section of N.C. State fans to yell and cheer even harder.
He would do this while standing alone in the middle of the field waiting for the other team to punt the ball and send eleven men chasing after him. On offense he would do the same, just before tearing down the field to make a game-winning grab in the back of the end zone. His spirit is pure confidence, and he has tremendous athletic ability." - ST8WOLF

"Every time Koren touched the ball you always knew there was a chance of a big play. He is a winner, leader, and team player." - packcaddy

"I don't think there is any doubt that Koren is in love with himself. But make no mistake about it, he gives 110 percent every time he is on the field. Practice may have been another story, but he was definitely a gamer. I enjoyed every game he played in." - WaynesvilleWolf

"He's still a child. When he accepts responsibility and dedicates himself, he will be as good as any receiver in the NFL." - noahdb

1. He is a super athlete and extremely fast.
2. He is a special player who can break a game open.
3. He is not a party animal and really is a nice guy.
4. He works hard at football.
1. Koren has an ego
2. He certainly doesn't go for the in-your-face kind of coach.
3. He is young and played wide receiver for two years. He still has to work on route running." - st8_alum_86
"Koren is a fabulous athlete, and if there is one better from the (2001) draft it would only be (Michael) Vick. Koren has both measurable and immeasurable skills that you only see on the football field. He has the ability to replace his feet when someone hits him low, kind of like Barry Sanders. He had a sophomore season similar to the one Torry Holt had as a senior, and if that is any indication expect him to be a future Pro Bowler.
I have seen Koren compared to Randy Moss. That is really not fair though. Moss had actual legal problems. Koren has never been in trouble with the law. Koren's problems were arrogance and not wanting to go to class. In addition, I think to a certain extent, our coaching staff wanted to make an example of him. Also, unlike Moss, Koren gives 100 percent the whole time he is on the football field. Koren is an excellent blocker and works hard on every play. The Seahawks got a gem. If he grows up a little, and I am sure he will, he should be a Pro Bowler." - eccdogg

"If Koren wants to be the best in the NFL, you've got a class he can excel in and one he doesn't mind studying for. I'm a K-Rob fan and now I'm a Seahawk fan. When K-Rob was on the field we had hope. We knew no matter what the situation, K-rob would bring us back. He instantly makes (Seahawk quarterback, Matt) Hasselbeck a threat at quarterback because K-Rob is that good.
I truly believe if you guys find him a good mentor that he will be the best wide receiver of his generation. He is willing to do whatever he needs to succeed. Now he needs a teacher at the professional level. I have always had a fondness for the Seahawks (I think its the cool logo). Now I have an even bigger reason to watch them play. I predict K-Rob will be All-Pro in his second year and would not be surprised to see it happen in his rookie year. If Seattle fans think Joey Galloway was something, wait to see K-Rob play." - VIKING_WOLF1

"Regarding Koren, he is a tremendous athlete who really never appears to be playing hard because the game just seems to come so easy to him. He is a very talented young man. Yes he will need to mature a little but every kid coming out of college is faced with that, regardless of being a sophomore or a senior. It is a different life and a different pace after you sign that contract. You got a good one here – a good kid who wants to be a great football player!" - skillet_01

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