Seahawks get their day at the White House

The ultimate 12th Man: Seahawks get their visit with the President

Every Super Bowl-winning team gets their chance in the national limelight.

The Seahawks stepped up to the White House on Wednesday and got their just due from President Barack Obama. One thing is clear: Our Commander-in-Chief did his homework before stepping to the podium.

Among the highlights:

1. Obama asked Seahawks GM John Schneider where his championship belt was. If you remember, a photo floated of a shirtless Schneider wearing a WWE title belt in the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

2. Marshawn Lynch wasn't in attendance on Wednesday, but his presence was still felt. Obama said, "I'm sorry Marshawn (Lynch) is not here because I appreciate his approach to the press -- and I want to get some tips from him." As you recall, Beast Mode went into Silent Mode during Super Bowl Media Day, because of course, "he's all about that action, boss."

3. The Prez called out Russell Wilson for his newly shorn head of hair.

But the best part of the Seahawks visiting our nation's capital is seeing the players' reactions on social media. Here are the highlights:

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