Weekly Mailbag: 10/22

Weekly Mailbag: Have questions for longtime football scout and life-long Seattle-area resident Rob Rang? He’ll answer five questions per week for SeahawkFootball.com.

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Seattle traded down and passed on other receivers to take Paul Richardson. He's been inactive most of the season so far. Is he on track and where he should be in the coaches eyes?

Given that the Seahawks have a greater need for playmaking wide receivers now that Percy Harvin is a member of the New York Jets, I’m confident that Paul Richardson’s days as a healthy inactive are gone. According to scouts and coaches since the rookie mini camps, Richardson has steadily improved, demonstrating not only the blazing straight-line speed that he was so well known for at Colorado, but also dependability as a route-runner, the agility to make defenders miss and good overall football awareness.

I do not anticipate that he’ll suddenly jump ahead of Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse or Ricardo Lockette immediately but that he’ll prove his playmaking ability as his rookie season goes on, earning more and more playing time.
What are the positions of strength in this year's draft and as of today, what are Seattle's biggest needs?

Assuming that we’ll see the typical number of underclassmen make the early jump to the NFL, the 2015 NFL Draft could be very helpful to the Seahawks, as it appears to possess exciting talent at two of their biggest areas of need – defensive line and wide receiver. Unfortunately, another area I believe is a concern – tight end – appears to be weaker than normal. I update my “Big Board” each Wednesday for NFLDraftScout.com, a partner of CBSSports.com. It lists my personal top 42 potentially NFL-eligible prospects.
Which current assistant on Seattle's staff will most likely be an NFL head coach?

While it may not seem like it right now given Seattle’s two-game losing streak, there are plenty of future head coaching candidates on the Seahawks. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and defensive coordinator Dan Quinn are certainly intriguing candidates. I also believe that former Oakland Raiders head coach and current Seahawks’ offensive line coach Tom Cable will generate interest if he can get Seattle’s offensive line back on track this season.

Kam Chancellor is a big physical guy who looks like he won't be healthy all year. Have we seen the best of Kam Chancellor?

Chancellor deserves a great deal of credit for gutting it out, as he’s clearly been hampered this season with hip and ankle injuries, among other pain. For a defense that hasn’t been as physical or aggressive over the first seven weeks of the season, he’s provided both, as well as leadership. The big play haven’t been there for Chancellor (or other members of the Legion of Boom), but if the pass rush improves, I’m confident he (and the others) will return to their playmaking ways.
What can you tell us about the decision to trade Percy Harvin?

While the trade of Harvin may have appeared sudden, sources have confirmed to SeahawkFootball.com that the decision to jettison him from the roster was far from impulsive.

Occasional disagreements and skirmishes are common among teammates in the ultra-competitive NFL. The frequency and degree of Harvin’s confrontations with players and other Seahawks’ personnel, however, had reached an unacceptable level. The camaraderie of the team was compromised enough, in fact, that some within the organization thought it possible that Harvin might simply be released. Given that Harvin’s contract was guaranteed (at least for this season), that would have come at a significant financial loss for the Seahawks. The Jets are now on the hook the remainder of Harvin’s contract.

Put in that contest, the agreement to swap him for a conditional Day Three selection makes more sense. For a franchise that has repeatedly found diamonds in the rough with late picks, the gain of a 4th-6th round pick in the upcoming draft is hardly just a consolation prize.

Harvin arguably deserved to be named MVP for his scintillating performance in the Super Bowl. Clearly, the Seahawks felt their best chance at winning another would come with Harvin elsewhere.

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