Speaking with the Enemy: Eagles

When the opportunity to converse with insightful editors of other team-oriented sites on the Scout.com network arises, SeahawkFootball.com will take full advantage. In this week's Speaking with the Enemy, we exchanged questions and answers with Justin Henry of WarNest.com. Among the topics? Chip Kelly, LeSean McCoy and one of the league's most underrated defensive lines, including Fletcher Cox.

As crazy as it might sound, fans of other NFL teams are just as passionate for their club as the 12s are for the Seahawks. In this week's Speaking with the Enemy, we exchanged questions and answers with Justin Henry, of WarNest.com, the Scout.com affiliate for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here are my questions and his answers:

1.Chip Kelly is so famous for offense but the Eagles' pass rush has played a significant role in Philadelphia's success this season. Is it talent, scheme or both that has led to career years for Connor Barwin, Vinny Curry and who else should Seahawk fans be on the lookout for?

For that second point, Fletcher Cox has been the MVP of the defense. He's near the top of the charts in hurries and run-stops among 3-4 ends, and he has not missed a tackle in 676 snaps. His efforts are the Herculean fuel of the entire unit. The way he dominates left-side linemen such as Joe Staley, Jake Long, and Taylor Lewan has played a big part in the defense's ability to get push. He also forces the quarterback off of his point, leading him into the hits from the aforementioned Barwin and Curry. The youth movement of Cox, Curry, Brandon Boykin, Mychal Kendricks, and Brandon Graham, and their continued improvement, have gone a long way in building a group that can take over a game.

2. Is there an easy answer for LeSean McCoy's relative struggles this year? Is he "back" now that the offensive line is getting healthier?

I would say so. Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, and Jason Kelce are coming off two strong games in a row (Peters has been in top form all season), and you're seeing it in McCoy's output. Lane Johnson's presence has solidified the right end of the line, and a lot of credit should go to Andrew Gardner, who has found a niche presence at right guard. The line continuity has been big, as McCoy's the type who will wait patiently for the hole while moving his feet; early on in the season, the holes weren't forming and he'd be dragged down for losses. Now that the line has a working rhythm, the old McCoy is busting through for big gainers.

3.Speaking of Shady, there has been plenty of talk in Seattle that one way or another Marshawn Lynch will not be a Seahawk by the time his contract is up following the 2015 season. Is there any truth to the reports that the Eagles may release McCoy due to his salary?

First I've heard it. There's no young speed-back behind McCoy on the depth chart (Darren Sproles will be 32 next season), and it's just empty speculation. McCoy at his best drives the offense on his legs. This isn't a case where you can release DeSean Jackson with a comeback-bound Jeremy Maclin behind him. The fact that Jordan Matthews even further bolsters the receiving position with a stellar rookie campaign only makes Jackson fade further. Replacing McCoy will be far trickier, and it's likely just an ill-devised rumor.

4.Statistics aside, how has Mark Sanchez performed? Is it a given that Nick Foles will regain his starting position when he returns?

Sanchez in the Dallas game was Sanchez at his best: confident, self-assured, and bold. The pressure was on, because a loss would put Philadelphia behind in the East. Yet there was Sanchez, calling two touchdown drives to start the game. Most impressive was the way he was selling read-option fakes, something that seemed to disappear from the playbook with Bill Lazor having moved on to the Dolphins. It's hard to say what Kelly will do when Foles is healthy. If Sanchez can beat down the Seahawks defense, a laughable statement a year ago, then you wonder how far "The Sanchize" can take this team, and it puts Foles further in doubt. The Packers game made it look like Foles had a clamp on the position, but hey, that was three weeks ago.

5.Has there been any indication that Kelly would leave the Eagles to return to the college game or any other NFL gig, for that matter?

Only through rumors, much like the third point. Kelly laughed off the Florida rumor Wednesday, and I trust he's committed to the Eagles long-term. Nobody in team wants him to go, and I don't see him wanting to leave.

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