Reaction: Carroll and Co. Press Conferences

Head coach Pete Carroll and coordinators Darrell Bevell and Dan Quinn spoke to the media the past few days previewing Sunday's matchup with the NFC East's first place Philadelphia Eagles. What did they have to say about LeSean McCoy? The Eagles' underrated defense? Who has impressed Quinn with his "knock back" hits this year?

Three takeways from the collective press conferences of Carroll, Bevell and Quinn this week:

3. The challenge in stopping LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles is very real. "Yeah, I think that's the number one thing," Quinn said. "They have some explosive runs that they're able to get out and those two guys are at the forefront of it so it's not unusual in terms of what they run. They execute well upfront, their line has good quickness that they can get to the second level fast and then the backs."

Carroll elaborated more on each of Philadelphia's speedy backs. Of course, the Eagles' "other" back is Chris Polk, who starred at Washington.

"Yes-you're going to see some shaking and baking in this game from [McCoy and Sproles]," Carroll said. They got it-I was talking to Kris Richard today, 'How did we miss Shady [LeSean McCoy] way back then?' I don't know how we missed him in recruiting, he wound up going to Pitt. I don't know how we missed that one but we did. I hope he doesn't feel like he has to pay us back in this one. Carroll was especially complimentary of Sproles, citing his versatility and explosiveness.

"He's a great player-he's a phenomenal player," Carroll said. "He's averaging 6.8 a carry and he's second in the league in punt returns too. He's just a magnificent football player and would be fun to be on anybody's team-a guy like that that can do so many special things. He always plays with such energy because he's so quick and fast. He's a big challenge-we know that they respect his special talents and they utilize him accordingly so we really have to be tuned in to that because he's a guy that can break that game open at any time."

2. The Eagles defense rarely gets the respect it deserves. So much of the national attention is paid to Philadelphia's offense but a versatile and athletic defensive front is one of the NFL's most disruptive. Outside linebacker Connor Barwin leads the NFC with 12.5 sacks. Versatile defensive linemen Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry have a lot to do with Barwin's success and the Eagles aren't just talented, they're deep.

"They're really active-it's a very athletic group," Carroll said. "They're all over the place, they attack well, and they've had a very affective pass rush which is always at the heart of that. They've been a problem for a lot of teams-they've played some good football games and some good teams and played them really solidly."

Added Bevell, "They play hard. They run hard. They get to football. They move around. Again the pressure packages always causing problem. I don't know the stat, but it used to be one out of every seven times the ball comes out on him so with the sacks that they have that's going to happen that way." The Eagles lead the NFC (and are second in the NFL behind Buffalo) with 42 sacks. The Seahawks have surrendered 31 sacks, tied with Pittsburgh for 20th in the league.

1. While respectful, the Seahawks sound confident. Perhaps it isn't surprising given they're the defending Super Bowl champions and are coming off of the most impressive two week stretch of the season, but Carroll and Co. sound confident that they're well prepared to handle Philadelphia's tempo.

"We've been in the no huddle defensive mode for so long that we're familiar with how this goes and we know that they'll go real fast some and we'll see how much they want to do that," Carroll said. "We're not concerned about that really-we practice like that all the time because you never know when a team is going to do it. It's not that hard for a team to do it if they wanted to demonstrate that commitment so you have to be ready all the time. We'll see what happens-we feel like we have good background and preparation for this."

Part of this may be due to Seattle's physicality, which has overwhelmed some of the speedier offenses the Seahawks have faced during Carroll's tenure. One player who has impressed Quinn is middle linebacker Bobby Wagner.

One of the things that I've seen from Bobby is just the physical tackling that he's been doing. That's really been an emphasis for him during the offseason and who better to work on it with him than Ken [Norton] to talk about how to tackle, the way and the style because really, there has been some knock backs in terms of the collisions that he has and the force that he's bringing when he's tackling. It's one of the parts of his game that he really worked hard at so for him to miss that time and to come back and still be tackling, with the few misses that he's had, I think that's a real tribute to how hard he has worked. Top Stories