Five Takeaways on Carroll's Press Conference

Head coach Pete Carroll met with the media Monday following Sunday's miraculous comeback over the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship. He provided updates on the health of All-Pro defensive backs Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, as well as right tackle Justin Britt. He also spoke about the "real challenge" he faced while coaching the Patriots from 1997-1999.

Five Takeaways from Carroll's January 19, 2015 Press Conference

5. Carroll sounded proud of the resiliency that his team showed in the stunning 4th quarterback comeback but not surprised.

"I think we're all real grateful that we were a part of it and that we had the opportunity to be faced with so much adversity and so much of a challenge and then see guys really play through it and come through and it wasn't just like a one play thing - a lot of stuff had to happen." Carroll said. He explained further, "The defense did some great stuff throughout this game but they did stop them the last couple times they had the ball. Special teams can through as we needed them to. Offense came through in great fashion. We used the clock well. Russell [Wilson] had four interceptions and then he's six for seven after that and then a touchdown. Marshawn [Lynch] rushes for 120 [yards] in the second half. Their QB throws for 60 yards in the second half. They are one for seven on third-down. Those are all things that are indicative that it took a while. There was a lot of stuff had to happen to put those kind of numbers together. We out score them - whatever like crazy - from the time we're down 16-0 and that's 28-6 or something like that."

Given how poorly Seattle played on offense early in the game, it would be easy to see think the Seahawks struggled at all levels on Sunday. In reality, the defense held stout. Limiting the explosive Green Bay offense to those first two goals was critical to keeping the game manageable.

4. Carroll did not provide a timetable for the return to the field for Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. He did, however, continue to rave about his stars' toughness.

"It's worth mentioning again the effort that those guys put out-we don't even know what happened to them yet," Carroll said. "We don't even know the result of the injuries. Both of those guys were in dire straits of 'could they play?' They played their hearts out. Their courage and toughness and standing up for who they are and what they mean to this team to try to finish this game and not allow it to be any other way-it was so impressive, it really was. There are a lot of guys who do that, it was just really symbolic-Earl with the big brace on his shoulder back out there playing and Richard, who couldn't straighten his arm out."

3. Prior to his incredible success with Seattle and Southern Cal, Carroll made his NFL head coaching debut with the New York Jets before jumping to New England. He followed the great Bill Parcells in New England, winning the AFC East in 1997 and qualifying for the wildcard a year later. He was released after his third season in Foxboro despite a 27-21 record with the Patriots. We aren't likely to hear any talk of revenge come out of Carroll's mouth in the build-up to the Super Bowl, but given how explosively Seattle set the tempo last year in their head coach's "return" to New York for Super Bowl XLVIII, it wouldn't be surprising to see the Seahawks play inspired ball against the Patriots.

Carroll talked about his past in New England.

"It was a real challenge," Carroll said. "It's a great place to be in sports-a great town, a great following, much like it is here. Just tremendous support and all, really heartfelt, that was the old days and all of the old facilities; it wasn't quite as nice as it now I am sure, still the whole setup was really exciting to be around they had such history. It didn't work out-we did some good stuff while we were there, but it didn't work out and time to move on."

2. Carroll sounded optimistic that Justin Britt will be back for the Super Bowl.

"We'll find out," Carroll said. "He practiced last week; he was really close. We could have dressed him for the game, but it just felt like the right thing to do, he should be fine but we will find out as we go through the practices this week."

While Carroll claims that Britt could have dressed, I watched the rookie limp off the field following warm-ups in street clothes. Britt's toughness is one of the traits that endeared him to Seattle's decision-makers prior to the draft. If he can play against the Patriots, he will. He'd be welcomed back, as replacement Alvin Bailey struggled in pass protection against Green Bay.

1. If defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is indeed coaching his last game with the Seahawks (as is heavily rumored), his focus through the Super Bowl will remain on the Patriots.

Sources suggest that Quinn is likely to be hired by Atlanta as their next head coach. Rather than ignore the questions that are likely to come with the loss of his defensive coordinator, however, Carroll accepted them, touting Quinn's readiness and commitment.

"There will be questions and stuff like that, but we have such a big mission that we are on and Dan wants nothing more than doing exactly right for what we have to do these next couple of days and the next week. He has no intention other than that, and he is dead solid on that, and that's what we will get, but lots of questions will come out."

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