Reading Between the Lines w/ Lynch, Schneider

Let's look a little closer at the conversation John Schneider had with the national media Thursday at the NFL Combine. Below is some of the transcript from his Q/A, focusing on Marshawn Lynch and whether Seattle's general manager would be "shocked" if his star running back called it quits with a year remaining on his deal.

What to think of GM John Schneider's comments on Marshawn Lynch? First, read them for yourself.

Question: Have you gotten any more clarity on whether Lynch wants to return to play next season (he's under contract for one more season)?

Schneider: "Not yet. I think everybody needs time away, especially at that position and the way he runs the ball. Time to hit the reset button. I've talked to his people a bunch, his representatives. He knows we want him to play."

Q: Would it shock you if he did retire?

A: "You know ... not really. He's a guy that kind of just beats to his own drum, He does what he wants, and he would never let you know one way or the other. A lot of great running backs have just walked away. So I have no idea."

Q: When is your deadline to know what Lynch will do?

A: "We'd like to know soon. Like I said, I've talked to his people. They know."

Q: Do you have a deadline date?

A: "Not for public knowledge. Sorry."

Reaction: How is this surprising? Lynch and Wilson are each still under contract. To even have the perception of negotiating through the media could influence the tenor of contract talks with future Seahawks. The physical toll taken on running backs make any player at the position a threat to retire earlier than expected - as Hall of Famers Jim Brown and Barry Sanders showed when calling it quits while others felt they had plenty left in the tank. Lynch's off-beat personality complicates things further. Top Stories