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In an added touch to Apple Cup rivalry, the Indianapolis Colts pitted ex-Husky, Billy Joe Hobert and former Cougar Mark Rypien in a competition for backup duties behind Peyton Manning this preseason.<br><br> Rypien, coming off a three-year layoff, neared his 40th birthday and Hobert was

looking to plant his feet on firm ground after stints with the Buffalo Bills and New Orleans Saints.

Just days after Rypien was signed, Hobert suffered an injury late in the first half during an exhibition game against the Seattle Seahawks. Rypien replaced Hobert and led the Colts to a come-from-behind victory on 10 of 13 completions for 114 yards, which gave him an edge for the backup job and led to Hobert's release.

Hobert and Rypien weren't the only former Huskies and Cougars vying for jobs this season. The list would be exhaustive, so instead of telling you who made which teams, we'll give you a list of cuts made yesterday:

Former Huskies released:
1. Billy Joe Hobert, QB, Indianapolis
2. Chad Ward, OL (D-6, 2001) Jacksonville
3. Harald Hasselbach, Green Bay
4. Gerald Harris, WR, Tampa Bay

Former Cougars released:
1. Milton Wynn, WR (D-4, 2001) * Released by St. Louis and signed with Tampa Bay
2. Dee Moronkola, DB, San Francisco
3. Curtis Holden, LB, New Orleans
4. Steve Gleason, LB, New Orleans
5. Ryan Leaf, QB (D-1), Tampa Bay

backup Mark Rypien (Colts News photo)

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