Steve Hutchinson - Part 1

When the Arizona Cardinals dug deep into their free agent checkbook and signed Pete Kendall, more than one Seahawk fan marked that as the day Seattle's once promising offensive line crumbled. Gone was the player whose grit and dependability we'd all grown to love. Who, it was asked, was going to slow Darrell Russell now? <br><br> Don't fret Hawk fans, Steve Hutchinson is here and this kid can play.

During a time when most collegiate players push for playing time during their junior and senior seasons, Steve Hutchinson was a talented four-year starter. And remember, he didn't play for West Central Idaho Community College, but on a Michigan team that routinely competes for not only the Big Ten title, but the national championship as well.

As a scout, one pays attention whenever a freshman or sophomore starts for an entire season on a team as talented as Michigan. This is either a sign of great individual potential or of course, a sign that the position being filled is one of the weaker areas on the team. For the fabulously coached Michigan offensive line, weakness was clearly not the case.

Hutchinson's dual ability as both a pass and run blocker was very impressive, but perhaps even more so was his durability, work ethic, and nastiness. Simply put, it was obvious early on that Steve Hutchinson was special.

His ability became increasingly more evident as the years passed and the personal accolades mounted: Consensus All-American 2000; Lombardi Award finalist; All Big Ten 1999-2000 – just to name a few.

While quarterback Drew Henson, wide receiver David Terrell, and running back, Anthony "A-Train" Thomas received most of the hype at Michigan, it was an all-star cast on the offensive line that was led by Hutchinson, which made the Michigan Wolverine offense one of the nation's best last season.

Some questioned Hutchinson's abilities because he was surrounded by a tremendous depth of talent, but most believed he was a virtual lock for the 1st round. He silenced the critics at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

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