Steve Hutchinson - Part 3

The first play was simple: on a quick screen pass to the running back, Hutchinson popped out and aggressively blocked talented Southern Cal linebacker Zeke Moreno completely out of the play. Perhaps it was something Steve said when allowing Zeke to return to the field, but Moreno took offense. There was a brief scuffle before the players were separated and returned to their positions.

The next play was a sweep. Moreno knew that Hutchinson was coming to block him and quickly ran close to the line to make a play on the ball.

He never made it.

In what clearly was the block of the week. Hutchinson plowed into Moreno, lifting the 245-pound linebacker through the air and pancaked him into the ground. Before getting up, Hutchinson rested on his opponent for just an extra second as his running back scampered past and into the secondary.

I smiled to myself and walked back to the wide receivers.

As the starting left guard for the Seahawks, Hutchinson lines up against John Randle on nearly every play of practice. Though Randle has certainly made some plays and done his share of harassing Seattle quarterbacks, one should notice that the vast majority of those plays were made in the first week of training camp.

Since those first few days, the battles have been much, much closer between the two, sparking head coach Mike Holmgren to point out that Hutchinson has a chance to be a "special player." Even running back Ricky Watters, who wouldn't ordinarily compliment a rookie, described Hutchinson as a "beast."

The kid can play.

Just ask Zeke Moreno.

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