SEA-CHI Press Conference Takeaways

Following Wednesday's practices, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, Bears head coach John Fox and various players - most notably Kam Chancellor and Chicago tight end Martellus Bryant (yes, the brother of Seattle's Michael) answered questions. Here are the five things you need to know.

Here are some of the other important notes from Carroll's press conference: 

5. Carroll welcomes back Kam Chancellor, anticipates him playing Sunday

As Carroll noted later in the press conference by providing an updated weight (226 pounds) and body fat percentage (six percent!) for Seattle's recently returned All-Pro strong safety, Chancellor didn't get out of shape while holding out. 

"My thought is that we're going to go with the approach that he will play, but we're going to take it one day at a time," Carroll said. "If he doesn't [play], he doesn't. It'll depend on how he responds to the workload, and we're just going to gauge it, if he doesn't play, he doesn't. I know he really wants to as well, we'd like him to play. He's in magnificent shape, he's razor thin and sharp, as good as he can be right now, the best he looks is just like this."

4. Chancellor explains his emotions during the holdout, hopes to contribute immediately

Chancellor spoke to many of his teammates throughout the holdout and former Baltimore Ravens great Ray Lewis, as well. He acknowledged both when explaining what led to his returning to the team after his extended holdout. 

"It was very hard [staying away], because, not taking away from anybody else, but I know I could make a difference," Chancellor explained. "So I mean it was very hard, and you know I'm just here now to move forward."

When asked whether he thinks he could play against the Bears, Chancellor said simply, "I know I can play Sunday."

3. John Fox isn't willing to concede that Jay Cutler won't start Sunday

When asked about who his starting quarterback would be, the Fox lived up to his name. 

When asked if Cutler will start, Fox explained "If he [Jay]'s healthy, he starts, if not Jimmy will start." 

He responded coyly with the two obvious follow-up questions, whether Cutler was healthy enough to start and how long the gun-slinger had to convince the Bears of his health.  

"Not today, he wasn't [healthy enough]," Fox said. "He didn't practice." 

"He'll be just like everyone else on the roster. We'll make that decision later in the week, maybe an hour and a half before kickoff. He's on the active roster."

Some are going to characterize Fox's statement as simple coach-speak but perhaps they shouldn't. Due to previous losses at CenturyLink while heading the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, Fox knows better than most the rigors of playing in front of the 12s and his Bears are a desperate 0-2, as well. Fox is no dummy. He knows that Cutler - even one at 85% or so - gives Chicago a much better chance at beating the Seahawks. 

2. If you thought Michael Bennett had personality, wait 'till you meet his brother, Martellus

The Mannings might be the NFL's best siblings but no brothers in the NFL can match Michael and Martellus Bennett's quirky personalities. Seahawks fans know Michael's fun-loving ways, including his famous impromptu bike ride following the NFC Champion game. You may not know of the off-season creativity of Chicago's standout tight end, who, among other things writes novels and children's stories, directs movies, is a Harry Potter fan and comes up with nicknames for himself, like "The Black Unicorn." 

His explanation for this unique nickname is... well, read for yourself: 

"It's just a self-nickname, I nicknamed myself. I saw all these white unicorns on exposure, and I thought it would be cool to be a black unicorn. I was in New York and I was running down the sidelines, I had black tights on and I felt like a stallion. But then I was like, I'm a magic stallion, and a magic stallion is a unicorn. So it's like, you take the black beauty from the front of the book and you put a horn on it, you get the black unicorn. What's more awesome than that? Plus, I'm a big Harry Potter fan, and that would be my patronus."

1.  OC Darrell Bevell says the offense is close, hints that a Jimmy Graham breakout may be coming - but not at the expense of the team

Bevell cited improved communication (and the lack of the Rams' disruptive front seven) as a reason why Seattle's offense was improved in Week Two and that he anticipates further improvement in the running and passing game as the season goes on. 

Getting Graham more involved is a priority Bevell said but that while he "talks to [Russell Wilson] all the time" about throwing contested passes to the All-Pro tight in practice to develop their rapport, he doesn't want Wilson forcing things. 

 "Yeah, we never want to do that," Bevell said. "We have so many guys that are out here that are very capable for us. You saw in the game, he came out with one catch, not what you want, but he had one catch. Doug [Baldwin] had a handful of catches as well, Luke [Willson] has a couple and we can spread it all around. I think we have playmakers all over the place, again, I don't want to diminish that we do want to get Jimmy [Graham] the ball, but we do have guys that can make plays all over. If you just force feed it, I think it can hurt your offense." Top Stories