Pete Carroll gushes about rookie RB Thomas Rawls, provides updates on Marshawn Lynch, Brandon Mebane

Below are five quick takeaways from Pete Carroll's Monday Press Conference at the VMAC.

5. Marshawn Lynch had an MRI Monday but Seahawks won't know his availability until Friday

Carroll confirmed what had been previously reported - that Marshawn Lynch underwent an MRI prior to Sunday's victory over the Bears - and cleared up any confusion as to his star tailback's injuries, noting that the calf and neck pain that limited BeastMode in practice last week was different than the hamstring soreness that limited against Chicago. Carroll did not know the exact timetable of Lynch's return. 

"We just got to wait and see, we've got a couple days here to figure it out, and usually he goes light on the Wednesday, which would be on Thursday this week, so he's got some time to figure it out, and we really probably won't know until Friday," Carroll said. "The MRI will be important though when we get the results back from that."

4. Brandon Mebane "was getting around okay... but we'll have to wait and see."

The Seahawks essentially traded away mass for quickness when adding Frank Clark to the defensive line rotation and releasing Tony McDaniel during training camp. That fact - combined with the decision to let veteran Kevin Williams walk means that the Seahawks are quite literally thinner up front than in recent years. As such, if Brandon Mebane is lost for long the Seahawks' starting defensive tackle duo would likely be Ahtyba Rubin and Jordan Hill. Carroll spoke about Mebane's recovery and Hill's performance on Sunday. 

"Yeah, [Mebane] kind of got in an awkward position in a pileup and he strained his groin, and we need to see what that feels like in a couple days too," Carroll said. "He was getting around okay today, with what the trainers said, but we'll have to wait and see."

As far as Hill, Carroll sounded confident that the former Penn State standout would continue his impressive play. Hill recorded two of Seattle's four tackles for loss Sunday. 

"Yeah, he did well," Carroll said. "He was very active, he's been active in his opportunities. It seems like, and I made a comment to the team this week, he was one of the guys that really has improved. If you remember, he was very active for a while last year. He had about a five-game stretch where he was really making things happen, and he's come back getting after it in the running game as well, chasing the football and making hits in the backfield and all. So that's a real plus for us. He's been banged up in the past, we really haven't had a steady look at him, but now that he's back and going, it's great to see."

3. Carroll expects the offensive line "to keep improving"

The Seahawks allowed four sacks to a Bears squad that entered the game with zero over its first two contests. As Carroll noted, this wasn't just an indictment on Seattle's pass protection but also a reflection of Russell Wilson's frenetic style of waiting in the pocket and looking for running opportunities or receivers breaking open late. 

"I think we're still progressing, I think we're still getting better," Carroll said when asked about the offensive line, specifically. "I thought Drew [Nowak] played maybe his best game, most aggressive game blocking in the running game. He was fine in pass protection for the most part. It's just is as it is, it's this process, we're growing and getting better. I'm glad that everybody's coming back this week, we'll go again with the same guys and expect to just keep improving."

2. Kam Chancellor was "really solid" in his first action of the season

Kam Chancellor was only credited with one tackle against the Bears but his emotional impact was obvious. He received arguably the loudest applause of the defenders introduced prior to the game and led the Seahawks defense onto the field when Chicago opted to receive the opening kickoff. Chancellor provided sticky coverage and his intimidating presence over the middle played a role in Seattle limiting the Bears to a pathetic 63 passing yards. 

"He was really solid," Carroll said. "He did everything right, he was in the right spots. I think there's a couple hits that he'll clean up, he kind of glanced off some things when he was cleaning up piles and all, but he was going after it. How he did it in a week's time I don't know, but he was very much in command. He made his calls and fit in right, and had everybody in the right place and all, so good."

1.  Pete Carroll loves him some Thomas Rawls

While it wasn't exactly the 1985 Bears defense that Chicago head coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio trotted onto the field Sunday but the fact that the undrafted rookie from Central Michigan turned in the Seahawks' first 100 yard rushing game of the season had Carroll singing Thomas Rawls' praises on Monday. As Carroll noted, it wasn't just the production that Rawls enjoyed, but his style of running, which some scouts have commented is much more like Lynch's than veteran Fred Jackson, who technically is listed second on Seattle's depth chart but saw only four touches against the Bears, compared to Rawls' 16. 

Carroll hesitated to compare Rawls to anyone but did gush about the rookie's gritty style. 

"No, I think he's got his own style," Carroll said when asked if Rawls reminds him of any other NFL backs. "He's very aggressive, and he was looking for hits downfield. He's not looking to make a guy miss as much as he is to go run right at you. Through the line of scrimmage he's got nice wiggle and all that, but he's got an attitude that he wants to let you know he's coming, and that's what I got excited about. You know, he made a lot of yardage in college, of course. But it was more the way he did it, and it was what he did yesterday. On one of those runs right in front of our bench he popped both DB's and hit them really hard, and made a statement that he's coming after you. I just like the way he does it." Top Stories