Which teams should Seahawks fans be rooting for this week?

The Seahawks currently control the sixth and final spot in the NFC playoff chase. Which teams are they hoping wins (or loses) in Week 14 to strengthen Seattle's position?

At 7-5 and in sole possession of the sixth and final spot in the NFC playoff hunt, the Seahawks control their own destiny. Win their final four games and Seattle returns to the playoffs without a shred of help from any other team.

That, of course, starts this week in Baltimore to face the Ravens.

While the Seahawks need to handle their own business to maintain their position, the club could get a lot of help from other teams with several playoff contenders squaring off in Week 14.

Here's a quick run-down of the NFL schedule and who Seahawks fans should be rooting for.

The Minnesota Vikings travel to Arizona to play the Cardinals Thursday night. The optimist would point out that Seattle will be helped regardless of who wins as the Cardinals' three game lead in the NFC West would obviously shrink should they lose.

Expecting a Carson Palmer-led Cardinals squad to lose three of its final four games is frankly unrealistic, however.

That's why the Seahawks may actually be Arizona fans this weekend as a loss by the Vikings would potentially drop Minnesota into a tie with the Seattle (assuming a Seahawks win over the Ravens, of course) for the fifth seed.

Seattle wins the tie-breaker over Minnesota after last week's win. The Vikings' primary competition for the NFC North crown - the Green Bay Packers -- hold the head to head advantage over the Seahawks due to a Week Two win.

Earning the fifth seed rather than the sixth would potentially be huge. The fifth seed will almost surely be facing the winner of a relatively weak NFC East squad. The sixth seed will likely be facing the winner of the NFC North, which at this point looks likely to be Green Bay.

Come playoff time, the formula is pretty simple. The team with the better quarterback typically wins. As such, when it comes to the NFC East teams, Seahawks fans may want to be rooting for the 5-7 Philadelphia Eagles and 5-7 Washington Redskins to win, boosting the chances that Sam Bradford or Kirk Cousins will be the starting quarterback in the playoffs, rather than Eli Manning's NY Giants, which are also at 5-7.   

The Eagles host the Buffalo Bills and the Redskins travel to Chicago to face the Bears. The Giants will face the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football. The Dallas Cowboys are currently one game back of their NFC East rivals and may not have the ammunition left with Matt Cassel squaring off against Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay on Sunday.

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