Pete Carroll: Seahawks waiting on Marshawn Lynch's trainers to clear him to return

Lynch could be back in time to play against the Cardinals in the regular season finale. To do so, he'll need to return to Seattle and practice. To this point, Lynch has largely been in San Francisco working with six-time MMA champion coach Tareq Azim, who is confident that BeastMode will return this season.

When it comes to when (or if) Marshawn Lynch will return to the Seahawks, Pete Carroll apparently doesn't know much more than anyone else.

That's because the Seahawks are waiting on Lynch's trainers "down south" to clear the star running back before Lynch comes back to Seattle to resume practicing football.

Carroll said there was a chance Lynch could come back and play in the regular season finale against the Arizona Cardinals this week, citing the importance of Monday and Tuesday's workouts.

"He's got a big day today and a big day tomorrow working out," Carroll said. "We'll see how that goes. From what I understand, he has a chance if those days go back to back and he does well, that he might be in here for Wednesday. We'll see."

From what you understand, coach?

"We're pretty much relying on the reports they're giving us, and also the work that's being done," Carroll said when asked how involved the Seahawks were in clearing Lynch to play. "Those guys know him really well, and they're the ones that have, for the last few years, really done great work with Marshawn. We're trusting that they're looking seriously at the preparation level, his endurance, all of those things to give us a good indication that we can move forward."

If that seems like an awful lot of trust for an NFL franchise to place in a player's personal trainer, you're right. Carroll, however, explained that Lynch's trainer - six-time MMA champion coach Tareq Azim of Empower Training in San Francisco - is hardly traditional.

"No, they're not traditional," Carroll said. "They're something apart from traditional, they're extraordinary. They really tax you in the process and really challenge a guy mentally and physically, and we've really come to appreciate the work that they do and how they do it."

"We have a really good relationship with the guys that are working him out, and longstanding," Carroll said. "So we've had ongoing connected friendship, and background, and all that. So we feel like we really understand what's happening."

If Azim is to be believed, the Seahawks have nothing to worry about.

In an interview with NFL Network yesterday, Azim said, "At the pace [Lynch] is going, if he keeps doing what he's doing, I have no doubts that he'll be leading the team and the organization when he needs to be there." Top Stories