Three must improvements for the Seahawks offense.

The Seattle Seahawks offense ended on a high note last year. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck finished first in the NFC in completion (63.7) second in QB rating (87.8) and passed for 3,075 yards. Running Shaun Alexander rushed for 1,175 yards and 16 touchdowns. Here is what the team needs to do to sustain last years momentum and an update from the first three days of training camp.


1.Matt Hasselbeck must continue to grow.

 Hasselbeck took over for Trent Dilfer in week eight against the Dallas Cowboys and struggled against Washington, Arizona and hit rock bottom against Denver (153 passing yards, 5sacks), then went on to show coaches that he is the player they all thought he could be by passing for 1,994 yards and 12 touchdowns in the teams last six games.

" We can't expect to have it like last year by just walking on the field, we have to work hard, it took us seven months to get were we were last year and this year we must do it in three months," Hasselbeck said.

Training Camp Update:

Hasselbeck and Dilfer have become good friends. This bonding should help both, Dilfer's passes are accurate and his reads are correct. He is taking part in scrimmages and he does not seem to have a limp.

Given   the tragic events of the off-season, everyone is pulling for Trent bounce back from physical and emotional injuries

Hasselbeck is taking the starting role seriously, passes are accurate, reads are correct and he is moving around in the pocket with a purpose.


2.Receiving Corps need to continue to grow


While last years numbers are all good if one is taking a trip down memory lane the   receiving corps unit must improve if the offense is to have any success. Critics doubt the receiving corps can duplicate last year's numbers when it counts

 " This is the year for us, we have high expectations", Koren Robinson said, we have the talent, and coaching staff to be successful, we must stay focused day in and day out."

Training Camp Update:

Robinson is picking right where he left off. He is confident in his route running, catching the ball and his vision after catching the ball looks improved, albeit is hard to tell without live tacking.

Darrell Jackson looks to have put injuries behind him; he is running pass patterns with a crispness and purpose. Bobby Engram looks solid and ready to continue his highly valuable contribution to the team.



3.Shaun Alexander continues his growth as an all around running back and Maurice Morris get more playing time.

The former first round draft pick is entering his fourth year and continues to improve each season. Last year Alexander rushed for 1,175 yards scored 16 touchdowns and caught 59 passes for 460 yards and caught two touchdowns. Back up running back Maurice Morris was slowed by injuries and finished the season with a disappointing 153 yards on 32 carries.

" We know our roles, we are young team that is maturing and gaining confidence", Shaun Alexander said of the team's offense.

Maurice Morris says he is injury free, and ready to go," I am focused and ready to do what ever the coach needs me to do".

Training Camp Update: Shaun Alexander has been running extremely well up the middle and outside of the tackles. During scrimmages Alexander has been making outstanding catches in the flats.  Look for Alexander to have a big year catching the ball. Morris looks to have bounced back from his injury and is ready to push Alexander for playing time. Morris running well and hitting holes with quickness during scrimmages. Top Stories