Seahawks' general manager says club needs to develop better 'cohesion' along the offensive line

Spread offenses at the amateur level are making it more difficult to find plug and play starters, Schneider says.

Seahawks general manager John Schneider was among the executives and head coaches speaking to the roughly 1,200 members of the national media Wednesday from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

Schneider reiterated what we all knew - that Marshawn Lynch has retired - and provided an update on injured tight end Jimmy Graham, explaining that the Pro Bowler is working in Miami and hopes to return in time for the start of next season but it was the insight he provided on the transition offensive linemen are making that could be most interesting to Seahawks fans.

"Over the last 10-15 years, heck my sixth-grade son's team runs a spread offense," Schneider said when asked how much the "new" scheme has impacted football.

"They are not learning how to play football the way we did. We are going through a generational shift. And also in college football they are not allowed as much time as they used to have with guys on an individual basis so you are seeing a lot of teams just going to a little bit of individual periods and then getting out there and going to team because they've got to win games and they are going to score a ton of points. So we have to spend a lot of time --- it's not just with the offensive linemen it's tackling,  it's catching the ball, it's all the fundamentals of football that are different than what we grew up with.''

Schneider spoke more about the need for Seattle to develop better cohesion along the offensive line for 2016.

When asked what the Seahawks need to do to improve up front, Schneider said, "I think cohesion is really, when I look at offensive lines, and the really good offensive lines that I have been around, that cohesion and being able to play together moreso than the pure talent of a guy, that is really quick or super flexible or rates specifically in an athletic manner. So to me it's about finding that right combination and having those guys who are smart and tough and reliable enough to work with coach (Tom) Cable and just work as a group in unison and be able to work with all of the adjustments that are coming and the blitzes and the adjustments in the running game.''

Fortunately for Schneider and the Seahawks, this year's crop of rookies do include a number of offensive linemen who have played in a pro-style offense.

Head coach Pete Carroll is scheduled to speak tomorrow. Top Stories