Holmgren Speaks

The Seahawks play their final preseason game tonight when they face their former AFC rival, the Denver Broncos in Mile High. A win would give the Seahawks a 3-1 record for the first time since 1998 when they went 4-1. Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren spoke about his defense, Lamar Kings health and players on the bubble heading into tonights game.


On the Play of his defense in the preseason:

 We've made the corrections and talked to the team about it. We've played better than that in games 1 and 2, so I know we're capable of playing good. I think we made a bunch of mistakes which is a correctable thing; it wasn't effort or anything like that. But against a good offensive team like Kansas City, those mistakes hurt you when you play a good team like that. I look at it this way: I still have the confidence in our ability to play better defense this year then we have in the past, and that game brought us back down to Earth. We've been shutting everybody out, and now we've learned that you still have to go out there and be disciplined and do the right things. I‘m actually hoping that in some ways that game will help us."


 On Lamar King:

"I talked to him and he's going to stay with the program where he's working with Kent (Johnson) every day and doing a little bit more every day. He has to feel now, I think, with him it's as much a mind game as it is physical. I think physically I'm not sure he's going to heal up any more than he's healed up now. Every player that's gone through an operation like that...you hear a running back say until I get hit that first time I didn't know. It's a little like that with him. He's probably a little bit afraid, but the knee is sound and it's healed up pretty good and now he has to feel like he can do what he needs to do to play. When that will take place, I think we'll have a chance to have him at the beginning of the season, but we'll see."


On Players on the bubble:

"I would say there are probably four or five really tight situations. I think it's fair to say there are four or five tight situations. You hate to say one game will determine a guy's fate, but if it's real close in the competition and one player has a real fine football game and the guy he's competing with does not and it's close, it could be the deciding factor. In the special teams area we're looking hard at that because that's where you're going to see the most of the young guys. We'll try and get a fair amount of reps for the people competing for a back-up position, more than likely."

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