Inside the locker room

Here is what some of the players had to say after Seattle's 27 to 10 winover the New Orleans Saints.


Saints Aaron Brooks  on his teams turnovers:

" It's tough to dig out of such a hole. The main thing  that Coach Haslett preached throughout preseason, and he will continue to do it throughout the season , is that when you lose the turnover ratio, there's a high percentage  that  you're going to lose the game.

We turned  the ball over way too many times, very  excessively. That's uncharacteristic of this offense. That's something we've really got to take care of ."


 Brooks: On Seattle's young secondary;

"I owned them pretty much  the whole night with my eyes , but we just didn't convert. We had a couple of dropped passes, we had a lot of penalties, I didn't  hold on to the ball when I should have.'


 Shaun Alexander:  Was he surprised by how well the defense played;

" No O knew that Randell was going to make us better and when I saw Anthony Simmons  jumping around before the game started, I knew he was going to have a big game. Our defensive  line had been deep all through training  camp  so I knew some good things were to happened. I was just happy  that Trufant  and Hamlin  played well because we threw them out in the fire with Shawn and Damien  going down so early and they had to learn in a hurry and go out there and play  and they did well."


Marcus Trufant: Did the Saints try to intimidate him:

" There was a lot of talking , but not a lot directed towards me. That's how the game is played. Everybody's intense, everybody's playing hard. There's going to be a lot of chit-chat going on out there, but everybody stayed focused and played ball."


Norman Hand: On the Ray Rhodes system:

" I definitely like the way Ray Rhodes confused the Saints today. He mixed up the coverages and he mixed up the blitzes. Once we got  up  it made his job a lot easier, but we still have  to get off the field  on third down, We gave up too many yards on third down and we need to get that ironed  out this weeked."

On facing his former teammates:

" I mean there was yapping before the game and I told them we'll see at the end of the game. I doubt  they are going out tonight. Victor Riley  was yapping , but it was still  all in good fun. Just competitive and stuff like that." Top Stories