Holmgren previews Rams Game

The Seattle Seahawks are looking to go 3-0 sunday when they host the Saint Louis Rams.While St. Louis leads the all time series 6-3, the two teams split their two games last year.


Q: How do you defend against  an offense with multiple threats?
Coach Holmgren: "The fact that they have a large offensive pot to pull plays out of, yeah, that's a challenge. But, again, if you're running a particular scheme, you have certain responsibilities within that scheme. A lot of times, you're not reacting necessarily to a player, particularly in the secondary. You have an area. You're reacting to things that are happening to you in the game. I hope the volume or the scheme we play against would not cause us to take chances or come outside what we are teaching. I think we've done that a little bit in the past. It doesn't work for us or anyone else. You have to believe in your system and run your system. And, let's do it fast. Then, when you have a chance to make a tackle, make it and make a good tackle."

Q: Your thoughts on Marshall Faulk.
Coach Holmgren: "He just is about a complete a package as a running back as you ever want to have. He's a great runner. He has great quickness, great speed, coupled with tremendous hands. And he's developed into a great route runner. So he is one of those halfbacks you can put outside and treat him like a wide receiver and very few have that treatment. There are not many guys you can do that with. You couple that with the other people on their offense, and you can't bunch up to stop Marshall Faulk because those other guys will kill you. And if you open it up too much than he'll kill you. It's a very difficult thing for a defensive coordinator, this team we're playing."


Q: Wiil the Rams play change the way Seattle's secondary has to play?
Coach Holmgren: "I would hope not. I go back to the thing where, if we have a good week of preparation and we're pretty sure, the secondary – our young guys, everybody – we know we're playing against really good people this week. Holt, Bruce, Marshall Faulk, and those guys. This is a good offensive football team. They know the challenge in front of them. So now, OK, we know that. We know that by Wednesday morning. Now let's prepare and be confident in what we're doing so when it comes Sunday we aren't inhibited. We can fly around. Let's see if it works. Just make sure they believe in the game plan. I would hope we would not be tentative in any way because of who we're playing."


Q: Will Ken Lucas and Marcus Trufant  be covering Terry Holt and Isaac Bruce.
Mike: "I told them. I have nothing to do with it. I'm washing my hands of that one. It's up to you two guys. It's a tremendous challenge, these guys are good. Trufant got his feet wet against Marvin Harrison, who's a great player. Every team has great receivers. Joe Horn, great receiver. Every team has one or maybe two and the Rams definitely have two great ones, and more than two good ones. So it's a challenge playing corner in the league, it's wild every Sunday. But I like the way our young guys compete. And they're all still young back there. Reggie is the elder statesman and Lucas is in his third year. And we've got two rookies. They're looking forward to it, I know, and they're looking forward to it because those guys are good. Bruce and Holt are good."


Q: Are you concerned about the offense getting off to slow starts to begin the first two games?
Coach Holmgren: "Sure. I talked to the team specifically about that. That's one of our goals this week and until we come out of the gate pretty good it will be something we try and fix. We eventually get it going and we've played decent offense after the first couple of series, I thought. The first two series in both games I would like to say it's because we're trying new stuff and we didn't practice enough and all that kind of stuff, but that was not the case. We just didn't function very well. We had a short route on something that they should know better. Matt might be a little quick with a throw early in the game. Things I don't think we should not do. We give them the first fifteen, so they know the plays we're going to call early and I expect those plays in particular to not have any errors and stuff. You might get hit physically, which is part of the game, but don't beat yourself, and I think in the first two series that's been more of the problem, and it shouldn't be. I think it's correctable, I hope it's correctable, and I think it is. So, it's been a point of emphasis."


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