Inside the Lockeroom.

Here is what Seattle Players are saying about their dramatic 24 to 23 comeback win over divison rival St. Louis Rams.


FS Ken Hamlin
: What does this win prove?
Ken: "It shows that we are going to go out and do whatever we have to do and come out and fight and win. Some people thought we were a fluke, but we are coming out to play."

Q: What was the locker room like right after the game?
Ken: "You should have been here, it was exciting. Everyone was happy, everyone left it out there on the field and everyone was just happy, jumping around. And I think we may have gotten a tear or two in Coach's eye."

OLB Chad Brown
: Would past Seahawks teams be able to come back like that?
Chad: "How it was going and how it was looking, we could have gone, okay, here we go again, but we kept battling. It's early in the season, there are thirteen games left, but as of now we are a different team than we have been in the past."

Q: You were able to get more turnovers today.
Chad: "That's going to vary from team to team and with offenses. If we continue like this, offenses will become a little bit more conservative and play a little closer to the vest. As crazy as the Rams offense is, winging it down field and all that, we were getting turnovers on pretty standard plays."

Q: What does this win say about the team that the other two wins didn't?
Chad: "That we are for real. If we continue to work like we are then we will be one of those teams contending for it at the end."

Q: What is the bye week going to be like?
Chad: "A good balance of self-scouting and rest."

Q: Any celebrating?
Chad: "You can't pat yourself on the back three weeks into the season. This is a marathon, and just because you are first in the marathon after the first block…it's a long race."

WR Darrell Jackson
Q: Describe that last drive.
Darrell: "I just felt like we had to make some big plays. Big game and big plays are what we are here for. Our adrenaline started rushing like that and we like those types of situations. We feed off those type of situations. We prefer those types of situations. We don't ever want to make it close, but if it is, we have the confidence level to know that we can get it done."

Q: Why the slow start?
Darrell: "We were just missing opportunities. Everything was going alright, we were just missing opportunities. We were a little excited, we were hurrying throws, trying to run before we caught the ball, you know, it was just little things like that. After we got our groove and one person made a play it was contagious, and the rest is history."

Q: Now you're 3-0 going into the bye week.
Darrell: "That's great going 3-0 into the bye week. We have time to rest up and then we have time to make this run. We're going into the trenches for 13 games and we're going to be ready. Top Stories