Bledsoe prognosis better

Doctors said Tuesday that Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe did not suffer damage to internal organs on a tackle that caused internal bleeding in his chest Sunday.

Earlier reports indicated that Bledsoe may have suffered a punctured or collapsed lung from a broken rib after he was hit on the sidelines by Jets linebacker Mo Lewis in Sunday's game. However, head coach Bill Belichick brought good news to the media today.

"There's no damage that's been detected to any internal organ or ribs or anything like that, or lungs," Belichick said.

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital inserted a chest tube to reduce the bleeding on Sunday night, which could be removed Wednesday if Bledsoe is released from the hospital.

Doctors said that Bledsoe suffered a sheared blood vessel that caused the bleeding in his chest cavity.

The former Washington State Cougar star is expected to miss at least two weeks. Top Stories