Holmgren Speaks

Here is what Mike Holmgren had to say about his teams bye week and what he will be doing with his time off.

Q: What's your biggest goal during the bye week?

Coach Holmgren: "The number one thing is to get our injured players healthy. Two, we emphasized four or five things on defense that we wanted to teach and solidify on the field with the guys that were healthy. The third thing is with players, I think it's ok, obviously they need to handle it properly, but it's ok for them to kind of relax and step away just a little bit and come back recharged next week."


Q: Are you able to get football out of your head for the next four days?

Coach Holmgren: "I kind of promised Kathy I would, but she pins me a couple times when she goes ‘your drifting back, let me have you for a couple of days.' I try, I really do. We're going to go away for a couple of days and I try and do that. She certainly deserves my time and attention during that particular point. Heck, to say I'm not thinking about next week and what we're doing, I'm being honest, that never leaves."


Q: What are the coaches doing?

Coach Holmgren: "The coaches are working on Green Bay right now. For us, we have some extra time and so we are kind of getting a jump on some of the things for the Packers."


Q: Can you watch a game just for entertainment purposes on TV?

Coach Holmgren: "It depends on the game. I find myself…I have a rule for kind of myself that I won't watch the end of Monday Night, because then I won't sleep. I can't sleep Sunday night, so Monday night I want to sleep. What game was I watching…The Giants vs. Dallas game. Jim Fassel was of course was my college roommate and Bill Parcells and I are buddies, so I'm watching the game and there's a lot to that game, and at the end I'm making calls and making decisions and what I would do. Its nuts and I can't do that. It's better off maybe if I just watch the beginning maybe a little bit and just kind of turn it off."


Q: What are the advantages of having thirteen days to prepare for an opponent?
Coach Holmgren: "Well, I think you have to work it two ways, and I've done both. In my staff meetings today with the coaches one of the things you have to do is create a game plan, and you have so much time to think about it, and then you create another game plan. What we're going to try and do is eliminate the opportunity to think of something good, tear it up, and then think of something else. What I want is to make next week as normal of a week as possible with some extra film study this week. The thirteen days for us we will try and not to over-analyze, and I'm nervous about that. In Super Bowls you have two weeks, and I always felt that you have to be very careful in how you do that because you're ready to play about Wednesday, and if you don't do that right it can beat you up a little bit."


Q: The team is 3-0 despite the fact that you've played some games without some key guys.
Coach Holmgren: "I think we can feel okay about that, but I will say this: we really try hard not to make excuses when we lose because we didn't have somebody, so I'm not going to get all worked up about we can be even better. The injury thing is part of football and I'm tickled pink that we're in good shape that way. It's an important thing for any team in the league to avoid injuries and so far we have. I hope we have a year where we don't get into that too much."

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