Holmgren Press Conference

Former Seattle Head Coach Dennis Erickson will return to Seahawks Stadium seeking a win as the San Francisco 49ers Head Coach. The 2-3 49ers are coming off a 24 -17 victory over the Detroit Lions while, the 3-1 Seahawk try to rebound from a 35 to 13 loss to the Green Bay Packers. Seattle Head Coach Mike Holmgren talks about Sunday's game.


Q: How will the team bounce back this week?

Coach Holmgren: "I think they're doing ok, and I think they have to lick their wounds just a little bit because we got our butts kicked a little bit in that game. We didn't play the same way we played in the first three games. I would be very surprised if you don't see the defense you saw we opened the season with on Sunday night. In one respect, you get a game like that and you call it a wake-up call, and it is a wake-up call if you can bounce back and start playing again. If you don't then all of a sudden that confidence thing we had going can bite you a little bit. I think we're going to bounce back fine. It's going to be a very intense week of practice, and that I will guarantee you. As I mentioned the other day we're making some subtle changes on the defense and I'm not going to go into details on that. Hopefully, all those things put together will get us playing the way I think we can play again. You got to give Green Bay credit, first of all, and then secondly we weren't playing with enough juice and energy."



Q: How big is this game, by way of "defining moments?"

Coach Holmgren: "Honestly, at the risk of sounding like a cliché, every game has meaning, you know. Last year, yeah, that one was a tough one. We had a chance to win the football game. We had a lot of injuries at the time. It would have been a tremendous win for us against a good football team. And we had our chances. We had our chances, but it didn't happen. We went into a little bit of a tailspin. At that point, I don't remember exactly, we may have been 1-4 or something not good. While this year's game is an important game for all the reasons you mentioned plus the division opponent, we got off to a much better start this year. And it's still early in the season. It really is still early. I try and break up the season into four, four-game sets. After the first four games this year, we're 3-1. You play for four months, 16 games, boom. Now October, last year October was not a good month for us. It's my hope that we can get an October this year that's pretty good. It starts off with this game Sunday night. It should be a great, great football game. I'm very excited about that fact, not only that we're playing it Sunday night and everyone gets to see it. The players watch each other, and it's a big deal. But the stadium is full. That is awesome. I want to thank everybody for that because it really helps.

Q: Are you concerned with the Seahawks' sack numbers?

Coach Holmgren: "Yeah, we have not been nearly active enough or pressured the quarterback enough. Having said that, in the first three games, we had 11 turnovers, we created 11 turnovers. And that's a good number. I'm still reacting to, a little bit, what happened Sunday. If you ask me enough questions, I can get a little fired up here. And I don't want to because I said I was going to come in and be calm today. But we have got to get more pressure on the quarterback, we do."lly helps. And it's going to be loud and noisy and a great atmosphere for that game."

Q: Has the Terrell Owens situation from last year been forgotten?

Coach Holmgren: "When you start with him, you start by saying he's one of the more exceptional receivers I've ever seen. There are certain players at their positions in the league that are just the perfect guy for that position and I would say physically he is unparalleled. He's a big, strong, fast guy. He's one of the great receivers in our league. So when you prepare for him, you prepare a little extra for him anyway. You'd better, because he's one of those guys like Randy Moss or Jerry Rice that if you don't spend extra time on him then he'll beat you by himself. Last year was last year. We're not going to dwell a whole lot on last year. We're going to look at the film. We have two young guys playing in the secondary that weren't even with us last year. You have the players who were the most involved in the coverage with him last year is not going to play in the game. So it's a whole new dynamic.

Q: Is the team ready for Prime Time?

Coach Holmgren: "Yeah, I mean, my understanding is the stadium is full and that's working. Our fans are kind of getting with it. Now we've got to bounce back after the game Sunday and play well Sunday. That's a huge game. At some point we've got to have one of those pivotal games against a good team. I thought we got a pretty good start against the Rams. I thought that was a really good thing. We stumbled on the road last week. Now we have another game at home, against a good team with a lot of tradition. It's one of those games that if we've got a chance of doing some things this year, you've got to play well in a game like that."

Q: How good are the 49ers?

"Clearly, they have an explosive offense. They've got a great quarterback. He really is the catalyst that makes things happen there. He did it against is twice last year, where I thought we were in pretty close games with them and he made plays that won the game for them. Then on the defensive side of the game, the thing that really impresses me and the thing we're going to have to deal with is that they're well-coached on defense. Jim Mora does a nice job. They can apply pressure on the quarterback. Carter is an exceptional defensive end, in my opinion. They have pretty good team speed. Defensively, they fly around and there are a number of pictures I looked at on film this week where if you stop the film, and you don't see this that often, that there are 11 defensive players - and not right at the end, where the guy is lying on the ground for 10 seconds - it's right at the tackle. So they clearly are working on those things. That's something we've got to deal with."


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