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Kicker Josh Browns 37 yard field goal and a defensive stand that recovered a fumble found the Seahawks 4-1 and a 20-19 winner over the San Francisco 49ers. The last time the Seahawks started 4-1 was in 1986. Here is what the players are saying after the win.

QBMatt Hasselbeck


Q: What did the coach say to you after the game?
Hasselbeck: "He was fired up. He said he was proud of us for hanging in there and fighting for a win. Then he had some real constructive criticism for all areas of our team, particularly some of the stuff I am sure you guys are aware of. He wants us to play with emotion, but he doesn't want the penalties, and he doesn't want the emotion to get the better of us. He talks about having poise and composure. He had a lot to stay, and we have a lot to work on."


Q: What happened on your unsportsmanlike penalty?
Hasselbeck: "I was sort of angry with myself on that one. The official told me that he thought that I threw the ball at the guy. I wasn't saying anything, but I was mad, but really at myself more than anything. We had had penalties, and we had a third and forever situation. I have been guilty of getting flags before, so I will have to watch it from now on."

Q: What was the difference between the first and second half?
Hasselbeck: "They made some adjustments defensively and changed up what they were doing. Their changeups worked better and got us out of rhythm a little bit, and we had poor field position. We had 3-and-outs and short drives where we would punt the ball and give them the ball back with good field position. Penalties hurt us, their changeups hurt us, and we weren't executing like we were at the beginning of the game."

RB Shaun Alexander


Q: Describe the importance of this win.
Shaun: "I can't even explain how important this win was. I was trying to keep it quiet because I didn't want to make anybody nervous, but this game was the hump game. You have about three of them. In every division that we play, from pee wee leagues to playing in the pros, there is always the one game in the beginning of the season that will establish you, and it's always that fourth or fifth game that puts you a couple of games away from having a losing record or being .500, and that's what this game was. This game meant everything to this organization."


Q: Describe the importance of winning a nationally televised game.
Shaun: "I just like the fact that we win the ESPN games, and this game was just huge for us. You have to give the 49ers credit, they knew that if I got hot early it could be a long day for them, and they made sure that they blitzed corners and moved people around, and that gave us a tough time running the ball. We were still driving the ball and scoring points, and that's how we jumped out on them."

"What does this win meant to you?
Chike: "Yeah, it was my old team and it was a little personal, and obviously I want to beat my old team, but that's really secondary because they're a division foe and we need to stay atop the division. This was big-time because we're keeping our shot alive at the dance. We fought through some adversity, and you can't ask for more than that."

Q: You were getting after Garcia so Owens wasn't a factor.
Chike "He's their best player, so we knew we had to take him out of the game so they wouldn't be able to get him the ball."

Q: You were getting to Garcia in the first half.
Chike "Well, he was holding on longer to the ball and we were closing on him so he was stepping up into that pocket pretty quick. We had to constrict those lanes because he likes to get those wide lanes so he can get a a view." Top Stories