Holmgren post game quotes

The Seattle Seahawks are 5-1 and off to the best start in franchise history. Here is what Head Coach Mike Holmgren had to say after his teams 24 to 14 win over the 1-5 Chicago Bears.

Q: Another win in a close game.
Mike: I was aging as we speak. Holy Toledo. I feel great, to answer your question. Goodness gracious, we make it interesting. We are trying to fill the stadium. [laughter] Our fans are getting their money's worth, that's for sure. Once again, I thought the resiliency of the team on the final drive we executed pretty well. When we went out there on defense, Trufant came up big, he made the play on the first ball. We got a pretty good pass rush on Chris on the second ball, and then he intercepts the third ball. First time in franchise history that the club has been 5-1, and everyone in that locker room can feel good about that. Without picking apart too much about how we got there, that's OK. 5-1 is pretty good.


Q: You were talking to Shaun Alexander on the sidelines prior to the final drive.
Mike: I'm doing a lot of talking on the sidelines. Some of the players are smart enough to let some of it go in one ear and out the other. With Shaun, they had come up in there pretty good. I thought their defense did a good job today of keeping us off balance. Give them credit, they ran a lot of combinations. I had trouble guessing with them. On the last drive, there were a couple of plays we hadn't used in the game, and I told Shaun I think this is a good play, and I think you can really pop it. It's nice when it works like that. He got a little inspired, and he ran hard. We certainly needed that right at that time, because the Bears hung in there, and hung in there. I admired their effort today. I knew it was going to be a tough game coming in. I have been on the other side of that coin, and as I told the players, I said ‘think about where we were last year.' We didn't approach any game with any less intensity, or any less want to win, or all of those things. You know these guys are going to come in here hungry, and they have nothing to lose. We won another tight, close ball game, which I think, in the long run, will help us, every time we can win one of these.

Q: Describe the late touchdown run by Shaun Alexander.
Mike: They were pinching us off pretty well. They were stopping that formation. I was holding that play back for the right moment. Then Ryan Hannam got hurt, and he was one of the key blockers on that play, and we lost him early. But then, Jeremy and Mili had to do it, and they went in and got it done. It was a designed play to go inside and give the appearance that we were doing that, and then pop it outside. The line did a marvelous job, and so did Mack, I'm sure, as I couldn't see the block from the far side, and then Shaun ran hard on the play.

Q: Shaun mad a great move at the 5 yard line.
Mike: I'm sure it was good, but I couldn't see it. Was it a good move? Well, then I'm happy. I'm happy he did that.

Q: Bobby Engram had a big game.
Mike: The guys on our football team who are unsung are Bobby and Mack on offense. We have some on defense. They understand the game, and they understand the different emotions that you have during the season when you're playing a Sunday night game against the 49ers, and how you have to change with that and gear up even more for a non-division opponent. I am really happy. I said this to the Chicago writers when I talked to them on Wednesday; I am really happy that he is on our team. I hope that as long as I am around, I hope he is around with me.


Q: There's still a lack of consistency on offense, how that can be addressed?
Mike: We're going to do what we always do. That particular evaluation doesn't change. We're going to look at the film and make corrections first of all, off of this game. The whole objective of coaching is to fit your guys, and give them a chance to succeed, and put them in good positions. If we put our players in poor positions, then we certainly have to change that. If they did things wrong, then they have to change what they did. But, they did a lot of good things today. Consistency is important, and to keep going, we have to become more consistent. We're going to try real hard, and I might have some more answers for you on Wednesday.

Q: What's the injury situation?
Mike: Ryan Hannam sprained his knee and is having it examined tomorrow. Other than that, I think we came out OK.



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