Inside the locker room.

Here is what the Seattle Seahawks players are saying after their 24 to 17 win over the Chicago Bears . The win propelled the team to a franchise record of 5-1.


: A great win.
Mack: "It's all sweet. Like I said, we can win by one or we can win by 41; it's in the books as a 'W' and that's something we haven't had a whole lot of around here. Hopefully, this is the turning of the tide right now."

Q: What they were doing to take away the run early?
Mack: "They were playing with emotion and they were playing with a lot of pride. I don't know if they were doing anything necessarily that we weren't prepared for, but you got to give Chicago a lot of credit. They weren't just going to roll over because they were playing the Seattle Seahawks and we were 4-1. They were going to come out and play us hard and try and win. They played right up to the last whistle. That's the way this league is, you run up against a team that's determined and they are going to fight. But we got a lot of fight in this team."

Q: Did the Seahawks match the Bears' intensity for the whole game?
Mack: "I think at times we did and at times we kind of sputtered around through the middle quarters, but the important thing is we went out when we had to, and when it counted, and put points on the board."

: Your game-clinching interception locked up the win.
Marcus: "It's always good to get a win and if you can get a pick it's even sweeter. It's good to be 5-1. We kind of stumbled a bit, but found a way to get it done."

Q: The Bears play a good game.
Marcus: "Yeah, they're just like anybody else in the NFL, they're going to show up and play their best ball and play hard. That's how it's going to be, it's going to be a dogfight all the way through and we just have to find a way to win."

Q: What does it mean to win another close game?
Marcus: "That shows you the kind of team we have. We're going to fight through all the way to the end, we're not going to give up and play hard all the way through."

Did this feel like a long football game?
Willie: ‘Yeah, you're going to have games like that. It was a great game, a tough ballgame. Chicago has a great football team. They just had a bad start, but you can tell they're starting to get better. You just can't take a team like that lightly."

Q: Marcus Trufant was up to the challenge today when they tested him early.
Willie: "We told him that teams are going to try him because he is a rookie. He's just got to expect that. He knows that and he has to prepare himself that they're going to come at him every play. That's one thing we told him, just play like they're going to throw to your man every play. You can see today he came up big at the end of the game for us with the interception. I was proud of him that his hard work was paying off."

What happened on the last drive of the first half?
Steve: "I think scoring there would have really helped us out. It was an impressive drive too, we almost went the whole length of the field. It's a thing like that; if we would have scored there it may have brought down their spirits a little bit, but instead we definitely gave them some room to breath and they were able to get back into the game."

Q: You were trying to run the ball today.
Steve: "Yeah, we want to run the ball. We have a great back and it helps to take the pressure off Matt and opens up lanes by getting defenses to bring a lot of guys in the box. But they are a good defense. They have good running linebackers and they are stout up front. And the last couple weeks we have had pretty good success running the ball, so they were going to try to take that away from us."

Q: Did having some close games before this one give you confidence on that last drive?
Steve: "I think so. I don't think anybody panicked there at the end. I don't know if it's a good thing, but it's almost getting to be an old hat. But it definitely is easier knowing that we have done this before. We know that if we just do our job everything will work out alright."

: Describe Shaun's touchdown run.
Walter: "They knew we were trying to run left and they were trying to read it, but Shaun hit it and bounced outside and made a play."

: Was the team expecting to be 5-1 at this point?
Steve: "You know, there's no way to tell in this league. I knew we had a great team coming into this year and if you told us back in July that were going to be 5-1, that's great. We knew we could win. I don't think we expected to be 5-1, but it's great that we are."

Q: The defense had another good game.
Steve: "Right now everybody is having fun. We are flying around, making plays and having a good time playing. That is just that Ray Rhodes style of defense. He has that aggressive attitude and it carries over to the players and on the field."

: How does it feel to be 5-1?
Shawn: "It feels good, but we just have to take it one game at a time and see what happens. Try to win the games at home for one and then trying to represent well on the road as well. Right now we are just taking our time."

Q: does a close game like this build confidence?
Shawn: "The close ones just make you feel like you're having a heart attack."

: Another win again at the end.
Darrell: "Our main word or phrase this year is just believing that we can get it done. We have been labeled as a team that can't get it done, or one that plays mediocre ball or sub-five hundred ball, or whatever, so we like to come out here and change that. 'Believe' is a good word for that."

Q: It must feel good to see Engram have a big game.
Darrell: "I feel real good for Bobby. He was playing against a team that didn't want him anymore after he was the man there for five or six years, and all of a sudden he can't do the job there anymore. So, I do feel good for him coming out and showing them that he can still get the job done. He gave up a little bit to come here and then stay with us and to face his old team, and to put on a show like that I think that is real good. It was a big game for him and I know he's been waiting to play them for the last three years." Top Stories