Insider the lockeroom.

The Seahawks 27 to 24 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals left them tied with the Saint Louis Rams also (5-2) tied for first place in the NFC West. Here is what Darrell Jackson and Matt Hasselbeck had to say about the the one that got away.

Matt Hasselbeck
Q: Your thoughts on the game in general.
Matt: "I thought offensively we played very well and made some plays. On offense, I thought we kind of had that shootout mentality (of) let's get the ball back, go down and score. We let one get away. I wish we could have come out with a ‘W.' "

Q: What happened on the tipped passed late in the game?
Matt: "It's a game of inches, and those guys (the defensive linemen) are always trying to get their hands up. Those guys made some good athletic plays today. I don't know what to say. Sometimes the ball bounces your way, and sometimes it doesn't. That hurt us a little bit today."I'll have to see it on film, but I just think it's one of those things that's going to happen from time to time — the ball's going to get tipped. I just give the defense credit for being aggressive and getting their hands up. Their defenders — they just happened to be in the right spots when the ball was coming down. You see it happen both ways."

Q: Talk about the touchdown drive in which Shaun Alexander was featured on each offensive play.
Matt: "I don't think (that was by design). We were in a three wide (receiver) package and we were just really working on our tempo and trying to get in and out of the huddle. They were taking a long time getting lined up on defense and I was quick counting them and it just took them a little while to make adjustments. To their credit, they made the adjustments and I thought it was an excellent job by the coaching staff to get the changes in. We had them on that drive and we just kept calling the same play to the left, the same play to the right."

Q: What does it mean having Shaun Alexander on your team?
Matt: "I think that one thing that's just happening for us is that we're just getting to know each other better each week. We didn't play as well as we needed to today, but offensively I think that I'm at a real comfort level with the running backs, the receivers and the tight ends. Hopefully, that's a good sign and we'll be a better offense down the line because of that."

Q: Did the Seahawks think today's game would be much easier to win because of the Bengals' recent history?
Matt: "I think we really respected their defense watching them on film. I didn't really watch the rest of it, but I know they scored a lot of points last week. We all knew Jon Kitna's a good quarterback, so we definitely didn't take them lightly. We respect the Cincinnati Bengals, no question."

Darrell Jackson
Q: What happened on your fumble in the first half and were you upset with the referee's call?
Darrell: "It wasn't controversial — I just fumbled it. (I've) got to hold onto it. I shouldn't have been in that position anyway."

Q: Talk about the Seahawks' turnover struggles today.
Darrell: "We just shouldn't have put ourselves in that situation. An interception is an interception and a fumble is a fumble, so we've just got to stop putting ourselves in that situation."

Q: Did the Bengals do anything to throw the Seahawks off course today?
Darrell: "No, they just played ball and that's about it. We made mistakes, that's really about it."

Alex Bannister
Q: You finally had a chance to play in front of your friends and family.
Alex: "I've been waiting for this for three years since I've been in the league, just to get an opportunity to show my family that I can play. Really, nobody in my family's seen me play but my brother and my cousin. It was a good opportunity to go out and have fun, like a family reunion."

Q: Are the Bengals today different than those you remember during your time in Cincinnati?
Alex: "(They have) different stars. I knew from (the) jump they were going to play hard. The Bengals always play everybody tough and play them hard — I know that just from watching them. They're a young team and they've got rising stars. It's different (now) as far as personnel, but they've got a bright future."

Q: Your thoughts on the Seahawks' turnovers today.
Alex: "We hurt ourselves, mostly. We hurt ourselves with (interceptions) and fumbles. That's football — (it) happens any given Sunday. We've just got to go to work next week and get better." Top Stories