Holmgren transcript: feeling that advantage

The Seattle Seahawks are 6-2 after a 23 to 16 win over the 2-6 Pittsburgh Steelers at Seahawks Stadium. The Seahawks are a perfect 5-0 at home this season. Head Coach Mike Holmgren talked about his teams win.

Opening comments: "Same 'ol, same 'ol. I don't mean to minimize the importance of the win, it was a great win. Now we are at the halfway point at 6-2, which is a great place to be. Give credit to the Steelers, I thought they played a very physical, tough football game, and we were fortunate to win."

Q: Are you feeling an advantage with the sellout crowd and being 5-0 at home?

Mike: "I really am [feeling that advantage.] The only thing I want to see different is that there were a lot of Steelers fans there, which is great for the Steelers, but this is our home. At some point, I want to phase those folks out, and phase our people in. [laughter] I think that's the way it's supposed to be. There were a lot of people yelling for their team. We had the majority of people there, and they drowned them out, but I would like to see the whole stadium full of our color."

Q: Talk about the play of the defense.

Mike: "Getting Chad Brown and Lucas back helped. Those are two really fine football players that we didn't have last week. Lamar King is going to be eased into there. The defense has a lot of pride, and I don't think they felt like they held up their end of the bargain last week. Whether that was true or not; that's how they felt. So they bounced back, and if we could have converted some of those first-half plays that I thought were pretty good plays that we had chances to score on, we would have been in better shape, because the defense really did play a fine first half."

Q: Chad Brown made his presence felt today.

Mike: "He's a player we need on our defense. He's not the captain, but he has been a captain, and he's a leader. He plays the game the way the game should be played. The defense did feed off him. He was with that team, and he and Coach Cowher had a great relationship. I think he was just happy to be out there after having to sit out last week. I think that bothers him when he can't play, and he's battling a foot. He doesn't get to practice as much. He loves playing the game. He loves practicing it, but we have a modified program for him because of his injury last year. More than anything, I think he was just happy to be out there again." Q: What does it mean for the team winning another close game?

Mike: "Every time we win a close ball game, it helps us. We're trying to establish something here that hasn't necessarily been established before, particularly with this group of players. While I would like to have a little breathing room somewhere in there, it's OK. I think our best football is still ahead of us. I still believe that, particularly on offense, so I'm encouraged by that. The players work very hard to get to this position. I think if you work hard and stay the course, good things happen."

Q: What's the injury situation?

Mike: "Koren Robinson twisted his ankle, and we'll keep our fingers crossed that it won't be too bad. Norman Hand has a biceps injury, they will scan it tomorrow to see the extent of it."

Q: The Steelers did a good job stopping the run.

Mike: "That team, that organization, that coach that we played today, they have a tremendous amount of pride. I thought they did a marvelous job of defending the run today. They were very physical. They keyed us pretty well. They played run defense like I have seen them play run defense in the past. They didn't appear to be a team that ranks that way in the league today. I thought they played a very fine, physical run defensive game."

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