Seahawks Hold on for Win

The Seattle Seahawks held off a late charge by the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday, improving their record to 2-2 on the season in a 24-15 win. It was the arm of Trent Dilfer, legs of Shaun Alexander and an all-around team effort that has seemingly put the Seahawks on track.

Just last week, starters Matt Hasselbeck and Ricky Watters left the game early with injuries, which opened up a couple of vacancies this weekend: second-year running sensation Shaun Alexander - the career rushing leader at Alabama; Trent Dilfer, who led the Buccaneers from a dismal exhistence to the playoffs and Baltimore to a Super Bowl victory - both delivered in a game that saw Alexander turn in a dominating performance with 31 carries for 176 yards - good enough for the fifth-best rushing day in Seattle's 26-year history.

Dilfer scrambled, delivered accurate passes and had the help of receivers Mili, Fauria, Robinson and Jackson.

The offensive line helped to give Alexander a push and so did Strong, whose lead blocking proved effective.

Overall, Dilfer was sacked - times and threw 15-of-23 passes for 219 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Brunell was under heavy pressure all day, with sacks and pressures coming from John Randle, Chad Brown and Anthony Simmons, Lamer King, Chad Eaton - everyone's name was called, and they answered, holding Mark Brunell to 21-of-39 completions for 233 yards.

Right tackle Todd Weiner made the start over Chris McIntosh, who continues to suffer over a neck stinger. Tim Terry, who received a concussion last week, played early in the game but was taken out and did not return. Linebacker Marcus Bell fractured his right pinky, was taken to the lockerroom and later returned to play the remainder of the game. Wide receiver Alex Bannister has a concussion as well. Top Stories