Seahawks road kill once again

After seeing his team lose another winnable game on the road, Head Coach Mike Holmgren explains it is no the road, but the lackluster play of his team. <br><br> <b> Opening comments: </b> "Today we didn't play very well and it had nothing to do with being on the road, so let me answer that question before you even ask it.

Once you get inside the lines, you're inside the lines. And the crowd was not a problem. The noise was not a problem for us, which is the main thing when you're on the road. It's just that we dropped balls that we needed to get. We didn't convert a third-and-short. We had a penalty on an interception. We dropped a touchdown. After we intercept the ball, we get it punched out. That had nothing to do with being on the road; that's just playing poorly in certain parts of the football game."

Q: Your thoughts on the loss.

Holmgren: "It's another one of those hard lessons you have to learn. It's too bad. I thought we had a good week of practice when we came back. I thought we started the game well, except for the opening kickoff. We bounced back well. We had a chance to go ahead 21-3 and missed that opportunity. They came down and scored, so instead of 21-3 it's 14-10, and now the complexion changes a little bit."

Q: Talk about Darrell Jackson dropping a catches today.

Holmgren: "He's a good player who's going through a tough stretch. It's very frustrating. I've talked about him a lot. He's one of my favorite guys. He's given us a lot over the years and I expect him to catch every ball thrown to him and it's just not happening that way. He makes good plays, but it's not just Darrell. At times we have not been very good with the football."

Q: Your thoughts on Steve Spurrier going for the first down on 4th and 1 deep on their own side late in the game.

Holmgren: "Steve went for it and I give him credit for that. That's pretty much a play where if they don't make it then we're in pretty good shape, so he kind of rolled the dice there and made it. Gutsy call, and I give credit to him. "

Q: What do the Seahawks need to do better?

Holmgren: "Until we can become more consistent, I think we have a chance to have a real fine season. I really do, but to have a great, great season, which is what we're shooting for, we have to be more consistent."

Q: You weren't able to sack Patrick Ramsey (QB, #11) as much as other teams have been doing.

"We hit him a couple of times and got to him a little bit, but not like the teams have done, and I think the teams are just willing to sell out on defense in the blitz package and we were unwilling to do that. If we had just taken care of business on offense a little bit better, I don't question the strategy." Top Stories