Seahawks Mike Holmgren Post Game

Seahawks Head Coach Mike Holmgren talks about his teams 35 to 14 win over the Detroit Lion and being 7-3 at this point in the season. <br><br> <b> Opening comments: </b> "I was proud of the way the team played today. I think we were ready to play early in the football game. We came out and took some of the starch out of the Lions. That was one of our goals this week, was to start the game with a lot of enthusiasm and execute.

I think we did that. I think the first half was very much that type of game. The second half was a little bit weird. We held onto the ball for a long time, and they battled hung in there and battled, and they got the ball down inside our five. But, we had turnovers in the red zone, which was good. In close ballgames, you need plays like that. I thought we had an excellent goal line stand. All in all, it was a really good win for us."

Q: Did the poor weather change your game plan at all?
Mike: "I was concerned about the weather, particularly during the warmups and just prior to the start of our warmups. It was wet and the wind was a little bit of a factor. Then, as we started playing the game and Matt had pretty good control on his ball, and we were catching the ball, I felt like I could do anything I needed to do. In the second half, with a lead like that, it's a little bit different. I didn't change all that much today."

Q: What was the best part of the game for you?
Mike: "Well, winning it. A win is so precious and so special. I wish you could enjoy the wins more. Bouncing back after a tough loss last week. The team has shown the ability to do that. It was nice to see the stadium full again. Our fans were great again today. We are 6-0 at home, and that's really good. You need to be good at home."

Q: You won a game that wasn't even close.
Mike: "We have played in so many close ballgames, even the ones we lost were close. I know it's easier on me, if you can get a couple up. For the players, the things you talk about and the things you believe in, and you're trying to get them to believe in those same things too, when they actually do happen in the game the way it's supposed, that helps. That just helps build confidence. It's good for your team."

Q: Talk about the play of the offense today.
Mike: "I have not been that unhappy with our offense this season. We have made plays when we've had to. There were some instances, quite frankly, that I thought we need to make more big plays. When the ball is up for grabs with two people, and we come down with it. Or, Shaun popped that long run. I need to see those types of plays by my big guns. Koren has to make a play. Jackson has to make a play. Our tight end. Matt has been pretty consistent, I think. If it has taken us half the year to feel that magic again, I will take it. I have not been real unhappy. We've been pretty efficient for the most part. It's nice to explode every once in a while, just to know we can still do it."

Q: How did Darrell Jackson play today after last week?
Mike: "I thought he responded very well. I think he had a really fine football game. I'm honestly the worst one to ask for numbers and yardage. I remember a couple of plays that he made on our sideline that were big plays for us. He played his game. The idea of benching Darrell Jackson, which popped up on occasion; that's not going to happen. He's a good football player, and has been real solid for us, and those guys you work with. You just get them through it, and you get them through it together. You don't just discard it and go another way. I was happy for him. I don't know his numbers, but I think he played pretty well."

Q: The ball was bouncing your way today.
Mike: "I think those things happen when you're doing good things. I think Matt made a real nice run. We are owed a couple, after that thing with Damien Robinson last week. You like to think those types of plays kind of even out. You like to think that. I don't think it was fortunate at all about Bobby Engram's punt return. I think that was an awesome, awesome play. We handled it well, we blocked well, that's what we're supposed to do. I think when you recover fumbles and intercept passes and get turnovers, sometimes you're lucky, but a lot of times it's because guys are hustling and diving and flying around, and I would like to think that's what happened today."

Q: Bobby Engram has been very steady this year.
Mike: "He's so steady, and such a good football player that sometimes when you think about the other guys you don't think about him. He's one of our key players. He had a really fine football game today. He's one of our big guns. I'm not waiting for him to do stuff. He just does stuff and he does stuff the same way most of the time."

Q: How did Matt Hasselbeck run the offense today?
Mike: "He handled it very, very well. But he's been playing that way. He's a good quarterback and he's handling things pretty well. I was unhappy with him on just one throw he made today. I yelled at him a little bit, and hurt his feelings I'm sure, but all in all he's playing pretty well."

Q: You played a lot of second-string guys.
Mike: "We did have a lot of new people in there. During the week we have to practice our young guys a lot because we've been banged up at certain positions. So they have had practice time, so when they were called upon to do it in the football game, they really played pretty well. We had a couple of things where we had trouble with communication, which happens when they are that far away from you and it's kind of hectic. They made up for it, which was encouraging, on the field. Someone called everybody down, called a defense, and they played it. That really was encouraging to me, because that will happen during the season, and when they can handle it that way, you feel like you're getting through to them a little bit."

Q: Did you give Bobby a boost when he ran by you on the punt return?
Mike: "No. I was looking down there. I didn't think the kicker was going to get him, but there was someone else that had a shot at him. I was very, very happy for him. He's back there returning punts because I think, even though he had one that he dropped today, and the ball was moving pretty good, he's about as steady a punt return man as there is in football. We don't ask him to do, honestly, a lot more than that. I want him to catch it every time, make good decisions on fair catches, and catch it and gain 10 if he can. When he has a chance to pop one, I'm his biggest fan. I love that, it was great."

Q: You have a unique group with the current team.
Mike: "It's an interesting group. I think we have a chance to win most of our games. Because we are a little bit "Sybil"-ish, our other personality crops in there every once in a while, and we make it tough on ourselves sometimes. Next week's game against Baltimore is a big game for a lot of reasons. We have to learn and believe that we can go on the road and win a football game. We did it last year, and this year our record is a lot better. I believe our team is better, and there is no reason to think...we just did some dumb things in those few games we lost. That's going to tell the tale, I think, at the end. Not on a game-by-game basis, but at the end. Good teams, and the teams that are standing at the end, can do that on the road."

Q: Why didn't Anthony Simmons play?
Mike: "He didn't play today because of a violation of a team rule. But that's just today. Monday he'll suit up and it's business as usual next week."

Q: How is Randall Godfrey?
Mike: "Godfrey got hit in the sternum. He is bruised and real sore, and he was the only injury that did not finish the game, but he should be OK this next week."

Q: How about Damien Robinson?
Mike: "Damien could not go. I expect to have him this next week. Kris Richard did a nice job as an emergency safety, which is not that easy to do, and he did a nice job of it."

Q: D.D. Lewis saw a lot more playing time as a result.
Mike: "That's a great thing too, because he called the defensive signals. He's a young guy, and everyone knows his story and how he got to be on the roster in the first place. Here is is, and I think he did fine."

Q: How is it to be 7-3 at this point in the season?
Mike: "I think 7-3 is pretty good. I temper my enthusiasm a little bit just because, even though we won some close ball games, I thought our record should be better. But I'm a little greedy with that. If you had told me 7-3 back in training camp, I would say we would probably be in pretty good shape at this point." Top Stories