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Charle's Corner

This weekend's game against the Denver Broncos will determine whether the Seahawks go up or down this season. I believe that if Trent Dilfer starts, the Seahawks will win regardless of what Mike Holmgren has indicated to the fans about who his starting quarterback is. <br><br> <i>This story is exclusively for Premium Ticket members. To find out how to access Charle's prose, <a href=""> click here.</a>

If Trent Dilfer continues to win then he will be the starting quarterback and I base this on his experience in the NFL and him being born in the fire. Many people easily forget that Dilfer is a Super Bowl winner. Regardless of whether people say it was the defense of the Baltimore Ravens that won the Super Bowl last year, Trent is the one who endured those trials through the playoffs and the onslaught of the media during Super Bowl week.

He came out victorious and has the experience. A blind man could see how well he played last week and how he generates enthusiasm in the game. Even Ray Charles knows a winner when he sees one.

I'm Charle' Young and that's the way I see it.

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