Holmgren on the loss

Seahawk Head Coach Mike Holmgren saw his team lose a must win road game Sunday. The 44 to 41 overtime loss to the Baltimore Ravens not only left the Seahawks with 1-4 road record but it slipped them to second place in the NFC, one game behind the 8-3 St. Louis Rams. Here is what the coach had to say about the teams devistating loss to the Ravens.

Opening comments: "A very difficult game to lose. We had a number of different ways to win it and couldn't get it done. The big challenge for the team now is to bounce back. I thought we played Baltimore well. The idea of going on the road and winning still eluded us, but I thought the effort today was good."

Q: What was the end of regulation rule explanation by the officials?
Mike: "They called [Floyd] Womack for not reporting, but he had reported, so it was their error. They acknowledged they made a mistake. On an administrative error during the game, the clock stops and doesn't restart."

Q: What happened on the fourth and inches play?
Mike: "We were on our 30-yard line and only had very little to go and never really thought about punting the ball."

Q: Did you understand the end of regulation and possible clock run-off explanation?
Mike: "I still need more clarification on that. I thought there was a run-off on that particular play and there wasn't. It's a certain kind of penalty that falls in that category. (The officials) were very clear on that."

Q: Once again you're able to take control of games but are unable to finish them.
Mike: "It's been different each time. I think part of that is you have to win a couple of these and all of a sudden you don't lose so many of them. It's a momentum thing, a learning how to move on thing, and it's a confidence thing. On the road, in particular, we have not shut the door real well."

Q: Could you feel the the confidence slipping neat the end?
Mike: "The types of balls, they kind of threw them up and caught them for the most part. They had a real big receiver [Marcus Robinson]. They threw it down field and they caught it. The blocked punt and not getting the first down on fourth and inches. There were a number of plays in the game that if we did what we were supposed to, I think we had a good chance of winning."

Q: talk about Matt Hasselbeck's roller coaster performance today.
Mike: "Any quarterback that plays against (the Ravens') defense, it takes a while to feel like you have a chance to do some things. They did some things that were hard for us to protect early on. He felt better and had more confidence as the game went on and hit a couple of throws, then all of a sudden you feel that hey, we can do this. Both teams sparred early on in the game, then all of a sudden, things began to happen."

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