Hasselbeck on the loss

Seahawk quarterback Matt Hasselbeck passed for a career high five touchdowns Sunday, but saw his effort fall short of delivering a Seattle road win. Hasselbeck finshed the day 23/41 for 333 yards. Here are his comments on the Seahawks 44 to 41 overtime loss to teh Baltimore Ravens.

Q: What happened when you came out of the game?
Matt: "I hurt my shoulder. It hurt for a little while."

Q: Does your shoulder hurt?
Matt: "Not as much as the loss. We just needed one more play. One more play and we could have, should have, won the game."

Q: What happened on the fourth and inches play?
Matt: "I don't know."

Q: Did they stuff the middle?
Matt: "I'm sure they did. I probably could have attacked it more and gotten a little lower. I was just trying to hold onto the ball. I didn't have a real good hold on the ball."

Q: How was it playing against the Ravens' defense?
Matt: "I lost a little bit of my composure. I just wasn't seeing things right. They were disguising, they were bluffing. I credit our coaches for making some good adjustments. I credit (QB coach) Jim Zorn for calming me down and giving me simple rules to handle what they were doing. We made good adjustments and that's why our offense is doing well."

Q: Is this loss a blur to you?
Matt: "It's such a long game. It's hard to remember at all right now. Things pop up. Man, if I would've just thrown it away there, I would have just stayed in bounds here, a fumble here, whatever it is, It's just too bad. We really let one go. I think it would've been tough if you would have asked us coming in here if it was going to be that kind of game. We really thought that they would just try to run the ball. They're defense was so good. They create plays and create turnovers. One of the things we wanted to do was play the game like we did against Detroit last week. We just wanted to call our plays and not worry so much with what they do, but worry what we do. I credit Mike [Holmgren] for having the confidence to do that and open it up and allowing some guys to make plays."

Q: Was the team trying to make a statement game?
Matt: "I thought this was it. I really did. I thought we were making a statement. I thought we came out and played maybe the best defense in the league. As well as we've played this year, we haven't played this well this year, and to do it against these guys on the road, at their place, I felt this was it. And something happened. They got back in the game and we let it get away, so obviously this isn't it."

Q: Can you at all enjoy your five touchdown day?
Matt: "No, I don't care about that. I'd rather be where the Dolphins were last week, 9-6, and come out with a win. That's all that really matters right now is getting the win right now. With the race as tight as it is in our division, we just really needed a win today and we didn't get it. We just have to bounce back-we have no choice. We have to pick ourselves up and move on. We let one get away. You fell sick about it right now, but what are you going to do about it? You can't feel sorry for yourself, you just have to move on."

Q: What was the difference between the first half and second half?
Matt: "We made some adjustments at halftime, and even right before halftime on the sidelines, the coaches upstairs and the backs, had some ideas of protections we can go to and pass routes we can go to. So we went to some of that stuff, and Mike called some of that stuff and we just gave our guys a chance to get open, and they did."

Q: Did Trent Dilfer help in the calls?
Matt: "He helped a lot. I don't know if was really about knowing this defense so much, but I lost my composure a little bit early in the game. I wasn't seeing things well. They were disguising a lot of stuff. They were bluffing on both sides. I just really had no idea what they were doing early on. Trent was great. I can't say enough about what he's meant to me as a quarterback, never mind the other stuff. He just really kept my head in the game and all throughout all the game. When you're up by ten, you have to play the game a certain way, but still you have to take your shots. He's great."

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