Hasselbeck on the win

Opening comments: "This was a tough week for me personally, and I'm sure a lot of guys on the team felt the same way. I don't know if it was the flu, or whatever it was, but physically I didn't feel good, my shoulder didn't feel good from last week. Even today, I didn't really feel like I had all of my energy. I loaded up on coffee beforehand, and I'm not really even a coffee drinker. I didn't think I played very well early in the game. Sometimes when something wasn't there, I was too quick to throw it away. I think maybe I was a little too jittery, and maybe it was too much coffee, I don't know."

Q: Talk about the crowd support you have now versus when you were first starting.
Matt: "I think you appreciate it more. As a team, we appreciate the kind of support that our fans have given us this season. For me, personally, I think I appreciate it more because I know what it's like to not have that kind of support. Even this season, early in the season when we played the Rams, it's half and half, with half Seahawks fans and half Rams fans. The 49ers, same thing. The Steelers, maybe, was the worst thing with all of the Steelers fans. Today there wasn't any Browns fans that I saw. If you ask our defense, and I think those guys see that more than anybody, what it's like to have that noise on third down and fourth down. It's a huge help. I know that's one of the toughest things for us as an offense going on the road. Our crowd has been phenomenal this year. I think that's a good part of the reason why we're undefeated this year at home."

Q: Are the fans the difference in being undefeated at home?
Matt: "I think our fans have every bit to do with that as we do."

Q: Talk about the high expectations placed on you three years ago.
Matt: "I think I could have done a better job. I place the blame mostly on my shoulders because I came in here with expectations on how things were going to be done. I didn't allow myself to be coached, really. I came in here and tried to coach-up people, instead of be coached. I was young, and I hadn't played, really. I thought I had all of the answers, and I didn't. There was a lot of things going on, and we were a younger team, and I was beat up a little bit. Overall, if one person could have done something to change and helped out the group, I think I could have probably changed the most to help the most."

Q: The offense now seems to be playing at peak-level.
Matt: "I hope we haven't peaked. There are a lot of plays that we could have done much better. I could have played better, and every guy in the locker room, if you asked them, would say I could have done something better today. I think that's what's great. We're upset about how we played today, a little bit, on offense. That's what's good about our team. We feel like we can be better, and this is not our final goal. We have a final goal, and we don't talk about it a lot, but we want to be playing at the end of the year. We feel like we're good enough, we just have to go do it."

Q: Will you analyze the offensive play today?
Matt: "Tomorrow morning when we watch the film, there will be a lot of things that we can correct, and that's what we will work on.

Q: You're running a balanced offense now.
Matt: "I think one of the things that is great about our offense is that we all balance, we have the opportunities to give the ball to a bunch of different guys. We have the opportunities to run it or throw it. You have to give the offensive line a lot of credit. When pass protection is good, it's easy to throw. When they're doing their job and driving them off the line of scrimmage, it's easier to run. You have to give those guys a lot of credit. They don't get the credit, but they are a big part of it."

Q: What advice did you give to your brother on handling the critics?
Matt: "We grew up in Boston, which was a tough town also, and he played in Philly two different times, and he has seen good and bad there. He's more mature than probably he should be. He's been on the other side of it. He's been on the talk radio side of it in Boston, with the Bledsoe/Brady thing, and we've had discussions about that. I've said, 'come on, you can't say that'. And he would say, 'yeah I know, but it's good radio'. I think he understands how it works. I think he has a good head on his shoulders that way."

Q: What does it take to win on the road?
Matt: "We just have to execute. One of the things we haven't done on the road, and it's not because we are on the road, but we just haven't executed, whether it's dropped balls or turnovers, interceptions, fumbles, or mistakes on special teams. That's what has hurt us. We know that we are going into some hostile environments to play. Minnesota is going to be tough. Pretty much anywhere on the road in a dome is going to be tough because of the crowd noise."

Q: Do wins like this help to enhance the confidence of the offense, particularly the receivers?
Matt: "I think we as a team have done some things. One of the things that we have done is that Trent Dilfer is going out beforehand and throwing them maybe 40 balls apiece, and just get them going early. There is something to get them into a rhythm, and Trent has done a fabulous job of that."

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