Holmgren speaks about the loss.

What many thought would be a shoot out between the NFC's top two offenses, turned out to be a one sided affair as the Minnesota Viking routed the Seattle Seahawks 34- 7. Here is what Head Coach Mike Holmgren had to say about another disappointing road loss.

Opening comments: "Not much to say, fellahs. That was a what you call a butt kickin'. All the things we worked on all week and we talked about we couldn't accomplish on the field. Preventing big plays by Minnesota. Obviously (Minnesota) got big plays. Holding on to the football and not turning the football over, and we dropped too many passes while we turned the ball over. A couple of special teams plays - running into the kicker, when (Eddie Johnson) dropped the ball, we allowed them to get out of a hole there. We played poorly, we were out-coached. Mike (Tice) did a nice job, his staff ought to be congratulated. Now we have to roll up our sleeves and figure out a way, as it is now a three game season, and figure out a way to get this thing done."

Q: Where you surprised by the level of collapse of play compared to the last two weeks?
Mike: "Yeah. As a matter of fact I'm angry about it. I believe that we are a better football team than we showed today."

Q: The deep ball, you knew that would be a problem or concern?
Mike: "Yeah, you play this team, this is what they like to do."

Q: Mike, you like to play offense to control the tempo of the game, it didn't seem like the offense was clicking today at all.
Mike: "No, we were poor on offense today. It was a bad game offensively. I don't think we passed protected very well, we made penalties, we dropped passes, we weren't sharp, and quite frankly I don't have an answer for you as to why that happened. There was no way that I expect to be that way. You have to give credit to Minnesota. On one hand, you know, I believe we are better than that, and it showed today. I just believe that and we didn't play a very good game."

Q: How was Minnesota preparing for this game with the deep threats and slowing them down?
Mike: "I don't know. That is the question for the ages. For one, Randy Moss is a spectacular athlete. Then the other young man caught one too. It's discouraging."

Q: What is suppose to happen there. Is the safety suppose to get over there or is it zone coverage?
Mike: "I don't know what the coverages were. I will better be able to answer that tomorrow. It appears that he didn't have help on the coverage. That's the way it appeared to me on the sideline."

Q: Has this been as angry as you have ever been?
Mike: "I think we are a better football team this year than we have been. I think we have played pretty good lately. Today we stunk."

Q: Is Bobby Ingram going to be ok?
Mike: "Yes, he will be ok. He just got his bell rung. Bobby came to play. If you are looking for positives, he got the magnitude of the game, he was ready to play. It was unfortunate he got hurt."

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