Holmgren on Arizona

Head Coach Mike Holmgren previews his teams game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Q: Do you feel you're in somewhat of a tail spin with the two-game losing streak?
Mike: "I wouldn't call it a tale spin. I think we lost a very tough, hard fought ballgame against a good football team. The week before we were lousy, but last week we weren't lousy. We competed and lost a tough ballgame. What it boils down to is that it's very defined now. You cannot, and I said this before, count on anyone else. Our entire focus is on winning the next two ballgames. We kind of know we have to do that, and that's it. There no gray, there's no vagueness. That's it. I don't think it's hard to focus in on that. I've talked to some individuals already on the team and they will know what we have to do. I'm not worried about the focus. What I'm more worried about is our ability to pass, catch, tackle, and calling the right plays and giving them a chance to be successful. Focus will not be a problem. There hasn't been a whole lot about this season that's been easy, but it's been fun, it's been exciting, it's been sad sometimes, it's been great sometimes, but it hasn't been easy. But here we are and we're still in this thing. Let's have a great week and be excited about the opportunity, and let's go do this."

  Q: Can you approach this game the same way you did in the first game against the Cardinals?
Mike: "It was a different game. They did some good things against us. We had some good things happen to us, too, early in that football game. But you're always going to look at the player that is still playing at that position, you're going to look at the things they did in the ballgame that were successful against us. Every film has real value. It was an odd game. And you might not look at the last 10 minutes of the game, eight minutes of the game like you would a real close ballgame. There's a good chunk of that game you're going to study and prepare and use it."

Q: What do you know about (Cardinals quarterback) Josh McCown?
Mike: "I know a little bit more about him than a lot of people. He was my quarterback in the Senior Bowl. He was a great young guy, and I enjoyed him immensely at that thing. He's a real pleasant young man, who is big and strong, who has really good tools, really can throw it. I would have loved to have a chance to coach him some more. He was a good guy."

Q: What do you know about (Cardinals running back) Marcel Shipp?
Mike: "He's not that new. We've seen him a lot. He played against us last year, too. He's done a nice job for them. He's a good running back. Bob Ferguson knows that team very well. He was down there. So we know their personnel pretty well, a little bit more than you might know someone else."

Q: You have a chance to go unbeaten at home this season.
Mike: "The fans have been wonderful. I think the fans have been great, and that's had a lot to do with our home record. And if we could do this on Sunday and win all our games at home, I think that is establishing something here that could be pretty good for a long time. I've always felt that if we could put a pretty good product, I thought it was a little of show-me, that build-it-I-will-come. Show me and I will come to the games. They've been great this year. I mean, great. They've been loud, they've been noisy, we've won close games at home because of the crowd support, fan support. I'm not into a lot of statistical records and stuff like that, but that would be pretty nice. To win all of our games at home this year. More people have gotten to see us play. That's a good thing. That's a good thing for Seattle, a good thing for the Seahawks. Those are kind of the building blocks for the future. I'm very excited about that, and I hope we can get this done on Sunday."

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