Jones and Bannister on the Pro Bowl.

Seattle Seahawks T Walter Jones and WR and special teams standout Alex Bannister have been selected to represent the Seattle Seahawks in the 2003 Pro Bowl. Here is what the players had to say about their selection.


T Walter Jones
Q: Your reaction to being selected to the Pro Bowl.
Walter: "It's always nice and it just shows you that your peers respect you. It's an honor."

Q: You weren't able to play in the game last year.
Walter: "Yeah, I had to have shoulder surgery. So hopefully I will be able to make it through the rest of this season and be able to enjoy it."

Q: Is this an enjoyable experience?
Walter: "Yeah, it's great to go and my family loves it too. It's a vacation for them, too, so they're looking forward to it."

Q: You wanted (Steve) Hutchinson to go as well?
Walter: "Oh yeah but that's just the way it is sometimes. You just have to keep fighting and sooner or later you get in there."

WR Alex Bannister
Q: Tom Rouen calls you the best he's ever seen at covering punts.
Alex: "Yeah, but he helps me out a lot by hanging the ball up there, and that allows me to get up under the ball and use my speed. Jeff Feagles was great at doing that too. He told me wherever I go later on in my career he wants to go. He's said I'm a punter's best friend. Tom has been a great addition to the team and he's doing a great job."

Q: Were you surprised that you made it?
Alex: "Yeah, definitely, because I'm not a real showboat when I make a tackle. I just go out and play ball. I don't look at myself as an entertainer. I just like to go out and make plays and let my work speak for itself. For them to recognize me for my skills and the job that I've done feels real good."

Q: You'll be playing in the Pro Bowl with people like Brett Favre.
Alex: "I'm going to learn from them and see what I can do to get better. I'm going to look and see how they get off the jam and how they run their routes and things of that nature and ask questions. I'm always trying to see what I can do to get better at the wide receiver position. I'm going to carry over what I learned from special teams to wide receiver. It's not going to be a vacation for me. It might be for my family, but for me it's a learning process and I'm trying to get better at what I do and trying to be the best at what I do, whether it's receiver or special teams."

Q: What do you think it's going to be like?
Alex: "It's going to be fun, and I'm just blessed that I get an opportunity to do this. I feel great that my peers feel this way about me, and that's the greatest feeling." Top Stories