Holmgren on the win.

Mike Holmgren talks about his teams 28 to 10 win.

Opening comments: "Before we get going on each individual little injury, we have a pot full of them. I don't think they're going to prevent the guys from playing next week. To go over every little thing right now is going to be hard, because Assailable has a little ankle tweak. Shawn Springs has muscle spasms. Mo [Morris] has muscle spasms. Farrell Jackson has an ankle. They are all the type of injury that should allow them to play in the game next week. Assailable twisted his ankle. It's not the high ankle, it's a basketball ankle."

Q: What do you think of Dave Machinist' situation?
Mike: "Dave's a good friend of mine, and really a good guy, and really a good football coach. They haven't had the season they'Ave hoped for. He has his team playing hard all the way, through."

Q: What are your thoughts to going 8-0 in Sea hawks Stadium?
Mike: "I think it's wonderful. We have worked very hard and will continue to do so to establish a home field advantage here at Sea hawks Stadium. Every team in the league has to have it. We won all of our games here this year, and I think the last two last year. We're starting to establish a pretty good feeling here. The other part of that is our fans. After a couple years here they were kind of mad at me, but I kind of gathered them in. The same folks that used to kind of throw a couple things at me were giving me high fives today, so I feel better about that. [laughter]. The fans were wonderful this year. We filled the stadium, and it allowed more people in the Seattle area that could't come to the games to watch us on television. I think those are snowball-type things that every team needs. They were great for us and helped us win a couple games, at least this year, with the crowd noise and all that stuff. I'am happy for the city, and I'am happy for the fans, and I wish we could have won a couple more of those games on the road."

Q: Can you win in San Francisco next week?
Mike: "Oh yeah, we can win next week. It's a challenge every week, but I will say this: I was nervous this week. Guys that watch me all the time could't tell, because I'm calm at practice all the time. I was as nervous this week about this football game as any we have played all year, because there was a lot at stake, and I know Arizona is a better football team than their record. I know that Dave's going to have his team playing hard. There was a little part of me that thought that maybe our guys would't look at this game the way I thought they should. And we did't, we played hard and played a fine football game."

Q: Do you understand all of the playoff possibilities?
Mike: "I don't understand it, as I mentioned in my press conference last week. As well-meaning as everyone is, I don't want anyone to explain it to me, either. I just know this: we have got to win our football game next week, on Saturday. We have to win that, and then we'Ave done what we could do, and then hopefully it will work out for us. Our playoff season starts next week. It's sudden death, and we have to do it."

Q: How did you like the play of your defense today?
Mike: "I thought we had good quickness on defense, and the defensive line was excellent. There was a lot of great movement, as far as I could see. There were two great plays on short yardage situations, and you don't see that once very often. So to do it twice is really an accomplishment. The young quarterback from Arizona, I had him on my team in the Senior Bowl when we coached in the Senior Bowl, and I really like him a lot, he's a great young guy and I think he'All be a fine player in this league. But when you have a young quarterback, you have to make sure that they know they're going to get rushed. I think Ray [Rhodes] did a nice job of getting our defense to do that."

Q: Anthony Simmons was in on a few plays.
Mike: "He made a couple of really nice plays that I could see. Honestly, when we are on defense, a good portion of the time I'm trying to figure out ways to move the ball. Having Anthony back is huge for us, because he is a linebacker with great skill. He makes plays, and he made a couple of plays today that I am sure gave the defense a lift."

Q: Chad Brown sat out the game.
Mike: "We took him to the edge of the stadium and he couldn't get off the table in there this morning. He suffered from that upper respiratory ailment that is bothering a lot of folks, and he got hit hard. Friday, Saturday and Sunday I thought there might be enough progress that we might be able to use him for 15 snaps or so, on third downs or something. He came today, and the trainers and doctors said there was no way. Actually, Matt was suffering from the same thing."

Q: How did Trent Differ play today?
Mike: "I thought Trent was great. We got off to somewhat of a rocky start. We had the fumble on the exchange with a pretty basic play, and then on the interception the kid made a great play. It's one of those weird things where the ball hits your foot, but it happened. I was a little discouraged by that, and I yelled at Trent a little bit. He came up, and in his normal style, he said that's the end of the bad stuff, and you can call whatever you wanted to call. Matt went back in, and then at the end I had confidence in throwing the ball, but we just did't want to as I wanted to work the clock a little bit. Trent han't played much this year, but he has been one of the real keys to any success we'Ave had offensively. He does a lot for Matt, and, quite frankly, he does a lot for me on the sidelines. He is always calming me down, for one thing. He has a great football mind. His suggestions are usually very, very appropriate and right on. I think Trent Differ is a starter in this league, and I'Ave told him that. I am tickled pink that he's on our football team. I can't say enough about him this year, not only football, but everything he has had to deal with."

Q: Is it unusual having a guy like Differ who does so much but does't play?
Mike: "It's remarkable. You will have veteran backup quarterbacks, but Trent is a Super Bowl winning quarterback, and there's not a lot of those guys floating around. He's always had a great football mind, and he just helps in ways that sometimes are subtle, and sometimes it's not so subtle, but he is very, very important to our team."

Q: Did Farrell Jackson's injury limit the offense?
Mike: "We have had a short list of receivers anyway this year, as we went with four, and I'Ave kept my fingers crossed. Then we lost Farrell He's been playing so well, he has really been our go-to guy. I know some of you wanted me to bench him when he was dropping passes, but I won't bring that up now. [laughter] He's great. I think we're going to have him next week. But that did change our thinking a little bit. We had some special plays for him in the backfield, and Bobby En gram is the veteran who can handle a lot of the changes, so you're moving him around; but you're taking him out of the position that he is so good at, so there is a little bit of a dominoes effect there. But Alex went in and Bobby made some plays, and the guys respond. They're prepared to do this, but we're just not quite the same team when something like that happens."

Q: Is going 8-0 at home good enough to keep fans excited even if you don't make the playoffs?
Mike: "I still think the 8-0 is good. It's important for the reasons I have stated earlier. I would like to get as many folks as we can excited about football up here. I think the people that watched us this year, and walked into the stadium, and after the games went home with a good feeling. I think that's good. I think that helps build, and we are in the process of not only building our fan base, but building our football team. I would be very disappointed if we could't finish the season correctly, but the fact that we went 8-0 is a good thing. And nothing can make me say anything different about that."

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