Holmgren talks about the win

The Seahawks are 10-6 and are now must wait and see if they have made the playoffs. Here is what Coach Mike Holmgren had to say about his teams win over the San Francisco 49ers and the playoffs.

Opening comments: "Well, our ‘on the road streak' starts tonight. It was a tough game. Both teams battled, and we were fortunate. I think you can credit our defense for playing an outstanding football game. On defense, I thought we were pretty physical. The 49ers are a very potent offensive football team, they've been racking up big numbers in the last few weeks, and so I know our defense did a good job."

Q: You needed this for a chance at the playoffs.
Mike: "We needed to win the last two games to have a chance, and we did. I told the fellows if they don't normally go to church, I want them in church tomorrow. They played their hearts out tonight and now they are pretty happy. They should enjoy the win and whatever happens happens, but I hope we get a chance to keep playing."

Q: Does this show some maturing for the team?
Mike: "Interceptions have hurt us on the road, but the good thing is the guys bounce back. They always battle back. We were down 14, and we battled back and got into the game. That shows that we're maturing a little bit. The younger you are, the bigger the challenge. We're growing, we're not there yet, because I think you really need that great maturity on the road, but it shows. I think we're taking steps."

Q: It was a big game.
Mike: "The bigger the game, the bigger those guys have to step up for you. Your best players have to make big plays in big games, and this was a big game for us. It was a huge game for us, because it allowed us to maybe keep playing. It didn't have playoff ramifications for the 49ers, but they competed, and they had other things they were playing for. We have come back and won games this season. It gives you hope, because on the road it's particularly difficult. We didn't handle the Minnesota experience that well when we got behind, but in other games we've hung in there. Today they came back and won a tough game, so good for them."

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