The players speak

Here is what the Seahawks players are saying after their win in San Fran.

QB Matt Hasselbeck
Q: How does it feel to get the win?

Matt: "I'm very happy. This game today could have gone either way. It's great to pull out the win."

Q: How did you deal with the pressure from their defensive line?
Matt: "That's one thing we did very well against Philadelphia, is deal with the pressure. The 49ers are very good at pressuring the quarterback. Our offensive line did a great job today with protection."

Q: Sean Alexander had some big plays running the ball down the stretch.
Matt: "Well, our offensive linemen aren't very smart, but they sure are good at blocking for the run. There was a lot of motivation for them since tonight is the offensive lineman dinner. I think they certainly earned it today."

WR Koren Robinson
Q: No doubt you will be watching tomorrow's critical games?

Koren: "Tomorrow is a big day. All the receivers are going to get together and watch it. We just have to wait and see what happens."

Q: What was the team's mentality after the first half mistakes?
Koren : "We just had to keep going. We had to stop hurting ourselves, because that's all we were really doing today. Once we began executing, I felt like the momentum really shifted our direction."

DE Chike Okeafor
Q: How do you explain Seattle's road woes this season?

Chike: "It's hard to explain. A lot of times we played well enough to win but weren't able to finish the job. Sometimes you don't get the breaks. That could happen on the road at times. Fortunately, today, we were able to accomplish our goal. It was great winning today, it gave me a great feeling."

Q: How was it playing against your former team?
Chike: "It meant a lot to me. I know these guys. It was huge coming back here and winning. We beat them up there and down here. You bet that feels great."

Q: Chad Brown's pass rush played a big part in the win.
Chike: "His sacks today were huge. He stepped up when we needed it most. He was beating his man quite often, and you saw the results. That man can't block him, he's too quick."

LB Anthony Simmons
Q: What was the plan to try and contain Garcia?

Anthony: "We knew going in that he was a great scrambler. He's got happy feet. Our idea was to hold our lanes and keep him from scrambling up the middle. We got great pressure on him from our front four. That helped a lot and made it easier for (Chad) Brown to rush the passer."

Q: How were you able to contain Barlow, since he's rushed for 150 yards a game over the last three games (had 40 vs. Seattle)?
Anthony: "He's rushed for 150-yards per game, the last three games? That's tremendous. He's a strong, hard runner who likes to cut back. The key for us today was holding our gaps and executing our fundamentals. When the tackle was there, you have to make it. Sloppy tackling can hurt you when you're going up against a fine runner like Barlow."

Q: What were the ramifications for containing Barlow?
Anthony: "If you keep him under control, you put more pressure on Garcia. Take nothing away from Jeff Garcia, he's a fine quarterback. But if he's just dropping back into the pocket, he's not as effective as when he jumps out and scrambles. We were very fortunate to be able to control such a high-powered offense. Fortunately, we match up well with those guys and that made a difference both here and when we played them earlier in Seattle." Top Stories