Holmgren on Green Bay

Here is what Mike Holmgren had to say about Sunday's contest with Green Bay.


Q: How is Chike feeling?
Mike: "He's fine. He's going to be ok. We're resting him."

Q: Are you just resting Shawn Springs too?
Mike: "Yeah."

Q: How is Kris Richard?
Mike: "He's the one that's a little more questionable, I think, legitimately. He's got a pinched nerve, and those types of injuries you never know. But we have time."

Q: No one seems to be giving the team a chance to win the game Sunday.
Mike: "It reminds me in some ways of our earlier playoff attempts in Green Bay. You go into places and they don't give you much of a chance, and then you win one of those games. So all we can do is what we can do. I'm not sure it was a whole lot different then when Atlanta went in there last year. I don't remember exactly, but I don't think the experts looked at that game much differently. We know we have to play a lot better than we did the first game. We do know that."

Q: How comfortable are you in the playoff environment?
Mike: "Once you've been coaching a few years you kind of get used to that. You get a few more requests to talk to different media is about the only difference. You're still practicing the same way. You're trying to get the players who might be a little less experienced to think maybe a certain way. That's the challenge. But for me, personally, I know its sudden death, I know it's this time of year, I know you have a chance to do some good things if you keep going. I probably get a little more intense."

Q: Are you showing something body language-wise to the players?
Mike: "I don't know. Kind of what you see is what you get. I don't fabricate too much about stuff. If I'm going to get excited about something it's because of something that happened on the football field. I've never been a great one at thinking, ok, now they need me to get excited because this is a playoff game or something. I'm a firm believer in that the players, you must be honest with them. Sometimes they don't like it, or they might be sensitive to criticism or whatever, but at least they know kind of who you are all the time. Also, I can't be patting the guy on the back all the time just because its playoff time or get on them because it's playoff time. I think you just have to be who you are and coach."

Q: What's your gut feeling going into the game?
Mike: "I'm fairly sure we're going to play a better game then we did the first time. (Laughter) I feel we're a little more experienced and we've played some good football the last few weeks as well. It's going to be a tough ball game and you have two teams that want the same thing. They're a very talented team that's well coached and they're playing at home, so there are some advantages there. We have to overcome those things if we expect to win. We're going in there and giving it our best shot."

Q: Are you feeling confident about your run defense this week?
Mike: "Well, I like how we're playing the run lately, but if he's (Ahman Green) not the top back he's one of the top backs in football right now, and it's a huge challenge for any team to stop him. It will be a good test and a good little battle in that game."

Q: How has Rashad Moore progressed this year?
Mike: "For a rookie he's really come along and played quite well. If you remember in training camp he was a big, talented, physical guy, but we had Norman Hand at the time and we didn't know what was going to happen there. But as it goes in this league, sometimes guys get hurt and things happen. Now he has to play, and given the opportunity he has really grown up a lot this year. I like what I've seen, and he's very young and just starting out, but he's a big strong man who we need in there right now when we're playing a team like this. We really do need him in there."


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