Holmgren on the loss

Coach Mike talks about his teams overtime loss to the Green Bay Packers.

Opening comments: "Tough way to lose a game. Give Green Bay credit. They made the play they had to make to win the football game. And I would also like to credit our football team for battling like crazy. Playoff football usually comes down to one or two plays - one big play one way or the other - and obviously they made the play the last play of the game. So that was the difference."

Q: What was the offensive play that you called on that final play?
Mike: "We called a sort of normal time play (and) they showed blitz. We went to an audible. I still have to look at it on film to see if we executed the play correctly, if everybody did the right thing."

Q: Was that a play you were used to running?
Mike: "It was a play that I thought was pretty safe. Either Al Harris made a wonderful play or we did something just a little bit wrong, the depth of the route or something like that."

Q: What was the atmosphere like for this game?
Mike: "I think there were a lot of fun things that happened out there. I think from a spectator standpoint it was a fun game to watch. Both teams battled like crazy, there was some big plays. We had our chances in the first half. We caught a couple of balls in the end zone with one foot out. It was just two teams battling it out pretty good. It was cold, and it was windy."

Q: What were you thinking when Ryan Longwell's missed that field goal?
Mike: "I thought we should have been in an even better position because they had to complete a ball down there to get the (field goal) attempt. So there were a lot of things going through my mind at that time, but it certainly allowed us to play into overtime. It gave us one more chance. They just made that big play at the end."

Q: What were you telling the officials on Green Bay's fourth down play that Ahman Green converted?
Mike: "I was just asking them...Ahman Green, there's a lot of times he goes into a pile and keeps his legs going - it happened in today's game. Nothing is happening, he keeps his leg going and then he bounces outside and makes some yardage. I thought on that play he went in there, kept his legs going, came back up (and) fumbled the ball. And I don't think where the fumble was - in fact, I know where the fumble was - was not a first down."

Q: What happened?
Mike: "There was no whistle. (The official) referred to forward progress. (Ahman Green's) forward progress was stopped. Good play."

Q: How has Matt Hasselbeck progressed this year?
Mike: "Like I've said before, I think he has taken the next step to solidifying his position on our football team. He had a real solid year. He set records throwing the ball for us, got us 10 wins, battled through injury, showed a lot of toughness, and keep in mind, he's really played - if you count all his games - he's actually started for only two years. That's not a lot of time playing quarterback and yet he has established himself as a pretty good player. I'll take my guy, I like my guy a lot. He's going to get nothing but better."

Q: One loss and the season is over.
Mike: "It hurts. I'll be honest with you, I'm dying inside. It hurts bad to lose this game today. But there is hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I like how the guys battled back in this game today."

Q: Are the players taking it hard?
Mike: "The loss is hard. The locker room is in bad shape right now because these guys really left it out there on the field. No one gave us a chance in this game, except my own beat guys, they are kind of friends of mine. No one gave us a chance in this game, certainly nationally. Going on the road, playing at Lambeau, the Packers have been hot and I think we played a tough, good football game."

Q: Talk about Favre's game.
Mike: "I don't know what I can say about him that I haven't already said, honestly. He's a Hall of Fame quarterback who is remarkable in big games as a rule, and he had a real fine football game today. He made some great plays, he is just so poised now in how he handles things, and he is a tough guy to beat at home."

Q: Was there a difference between your return to Lambeau Field today as opposed to your first game in 1999?
Mike: "Today was more business. I think more people booed me today then they did that year. But they have great fans here and this is a great place to play. I was very excited about the football game. I will always be excited about coming in here and playing a game because of the atmosphere. But it hurts, it hurts bad."

Q: Did it hurt your defense losing Chad Brown?
Mike: "I think not having Chad affects our defense. There's no question about that. He is one of our best players (and) certainly a force in the pass rush. That's two games we've played them we haven't been able to disrupt Brett (Favre) enough, and Chad is a part of that. Losing him hurt us."

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