Backs To The Wall

Even before training camp, after head coach/ GM Mike Holmgren pulled off what looked to be a spectacular draft, he warned that the Seahawks would still be a young and inexperienced, yet talented team that would make their fair share of mistakes this season. He would back this up by continually saying that the team was moving in the direction he wanted.<br><br> 'Just win baby.' <br><br> This has been the sentiment of many this season, who are frustrated with seeing another rebuilding year ...

where the Seahawks limp into the post-season with another high first-round draft pick.
br> Seattle simply has too much talent to be losing like they are.

With talented veteran defenders like Shawn Springs, Marcus Robertson, Chad Brown, Levon Kirkland, Chad Eaton, John Randle and Anthony Simmons, Seattle's defense has held opponents to low-scoring performances on several occasions and given the team a chance to win close games.

What has happened though is the offense has struggled to sustain drives and control the clock, so by the third and fourth quarter, the defense is spent and can no longer maintain the same level of play.

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