Rob Rang (Slight Return)

Are we lucky or what? To cap off a great week of pre-draft coverage,'s Rob Rang answers even MORE of our questions!

Musclebound: With the reacquisition of Brock Huard, is it now a bigger possibility that a trade is or could be in the works for Trent Dilfer? If so, who do you see him going to and what will the Seahawks get in return.

Rob Rang: No, Trent Dilfer, according to every insider I know of, is remaining with the Seahawks.

PEHawk: Thank you for acknowledging that Reggie Williams is the 2nd best receiver in the draft. It is pure East Coast rubbish that he's not listed higher on most rankings. Okay, now to my question... where and when do you see my boys from WSU, DD Acholonu and Devard Darling going?

Rob Rang: Acholonu likely will be either a late, late round pick (7th) or undrafted free agent. Unfortunately, unlike his former teammate Isaac Brown, DD was never really given much of a chance to show what he could do at OLB, his likeliest NFL position. Seattle has invited him in for a private workout and would likely be willing to give him a shot as a free agent if no one else bit. Darling has nice potential, which is why I wish he would have remained in school for his senior season. I see him as a mid to late 2nd round to mid 3rd round pick.

.NET Staff: Do you think that with the aggressive acquisitions of Grant Wistrom and Bobby Taylor, we may see a shift away from “BPA”, as this productive off-season might indicate a shift in gears to more of a “now time” mindset? Is it possible that “BPA” worked more effectively when Holmgren was rebuilding the team, and drafting for need would now be the way to go if the Hawks are close to real contention?

Rob Rang: An interesting theory… Knowing some of the players the team is considering at #23, the consensus could be that they reached for their player, so this theory will make even more sense then. The Seahawks know they are close and might be a little more willing to take a player they think can make an immediate impact at a position needed – ala DT, LB, or S.

.NET Staff: I’ve read that Mike Holmgren really likes Steven Jackson and that Jackson would be an excellent fit as a west coast offense RB. Would Jackson be the target if an Alexander trade is made? Which of the other RBs would be a good fit in Seattle?

Rob Rang: If the team traded Alexander – this appears unlikely now – Jackson would seem to be a perfect fit. That said, there are several scouts for the club considerably higher on Kevin Jones than Jackson (though I, personally, like Jackson better too…).

.NET Staff: Regarding D.J. Williams…is there any chance he could be there at #23? If so, do you think he’s a viable solution at OLB/MLB?

Rob Rang: Not likely D.J. Williams is available at #23. Seattle would strongly consider him, but there are just too many teams who have privately told me they’d jump at him – Minnesota, New Orleans, etc…

.NET Staff: Would you take Manning as the first QB? If so, why? If not, who?

Rob Rang: In a New York minute, lol (though there is still considerable talk that the Chargers are staying at #1)... There are other QBs in this draft with a higher upside, but then again there aren’t many talent evaluators that wouldn’t have said that Ryan Leaf didn’t have a higher upside than Peyton Manning years ago. What is so damn impressive about Eli is his poise, arm strength, and accuracy . The arm strength is always nice, but the poise and accuracy are the two most underrated (and in my opinion, most important) aspects of the quarterback position.

.NET Staff: What’s the latest, last-minute scoop on the Seattle Seahawks? Draft targets? Trade rumors? Your predictions?

Rob Rang: Over the past two weeks I’ve gone back and forth between two players – Marcus Tubbs and Karlos Dansby for #23. I’ve recommended each to local and national media as the Seahawks’ choice because each player not only makes sense, they would arguably be the best available player at #23, as well. That said, there is obviously the element of surprise factor when picking this low in the draft. Certainly the possibility exists of an offensive playmaker like one of the RBs or WRs to slip into Seattle’s lap. There is a 3rd player that some in the organization are supremely high on, but have intentionally kept from me. I’m willing to bet that if the pick is not one of the two players I listed above and not a Reggie Williams/Michael Clayton selection simply because they drop too far, he is one of the surprise 1st round picks you will only see on my 1st round mock – and virtually nowhere else… You’ll know what I mean when/if it happens…

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It would be difficult, if not impossible, to convey our gratitude to Rob for taking time out of what is an insanely busy schedule right now to answer the questions of our community. Top Stories