Incoherent Offseason Ramblings

A football fan muses on unemployment, relocation, and personal seat licenses.

Being unemployed is not the unmitigated disaster some would have you believe. It is especially bearable if one does not panic and waste energy worrying about something that cannot be easily fixed.

Certainly, a football fan can enjoy the extra time off. Web surfing for stats, forging links to interesting web sites and maintaining contact with friends on message boards can fill time remarkably well. Of course, it helps to have a financial situation conducive to eating and staving off homelessness without the benefit of any measurable income past the bi-weekly stipend afforded by unemployment. Having worked for my former employer in excess of 25 years, my severance package helps me fit nicely into that niche for the time being.

One thing unemployment doesn’t do is cure writer’s block.

As a resident of Southern California who in many ways doesn’t fit here, the time may come soon when the question of relocation will come up. Having grown up in King County, Washington, I have fond, and probably grossly inaccurate, memories about that mythical place called home that I left so many years ago. They say you can’t go home again. I’m sure that has as much to do with how I have changed as it does with how Washington has changed.

I used to joke with my former work mates about what might happen when the shutdown of the company finally occurred. Some asked me if I would take a job in the Bay Area, where the new company headquarters were located, if one were offered. I just laughed and said, “If I start heading north, why would I stop there?”

In the end, I wasn’t offered relocation to a job in San Jose. If I was, I probably wouldn’t have taken it. It really was time for a change in my life anyway.

There are some roots here. I hate moving and have been living in the same house for over 10 years. It is the house my daughter grew up in, and it is very cave-like and comfortable for a recluse like myself. But she is all grown up and all but moved out. I will miss her, for sure. Hopefully, she will miss me. She certainly won’t consider moving to Washington. Kids have a much different outlook on things.

There are friends that will be missed, including one group of guys I see once a month, and have been for the past 9 or 10 years.

Pondering a move home has some distinct advantages, especially for a Seahawk fan, of course. As an out-of-state fan, I have attended only one Seahawk game in the new stadium, and that was a preseason affair. It was the very first game against Indianapolis. Yeah, the one where Trent’s knee was injured. I still remember the collective gasp from the stands that I heard at that moment.

Selling now is a great idea. I might get killed on taxes, of course. But there could be the possibility of moving and buying cheap, and having extra cash for things like eliminating pesky bills and such. The possibility of season tickets looms large, and maybe even one of those Personal Seat Licenses for one of the expensive seats. Hmmm…

I would have to explore my own feelings about that, of course. My initial reaction is that it is a money grab by the team, plain and simple. But if there is value in the seats that can be recouped by selling the license, then you have to weigh the privilege of “owning” the rights to the seats vs. the cost. I’m no accountant. To be honest, I have trouble deciding what movie to go see. But if I was to breeze into town with a few thousand bucks in my pocket that wasn’t needed for basic necessities, it would be tempting in the extreme. Living out of state, it has never even been an option to consider.

One consideration about moving, of course, is what kind of internet connection I can get. Having been on a cable hookup for a couple of years now, dialup just won’t get it. Careful selection of location will be important.

These are long-term musings, of course. No one knows how long this housing bubble will last. And while it would be a shame to wait too long and lose the opportunity for cashing in on some big bucks, there is the question of how soon I could be ready to carry out such a large transition. One wrench in the works is the huge pile of Mathoms I have accumulated, many of which have been carted through several domiciles over the years. There is definitely some fat that needs to be trimmed. Luckily, I’m close to the dumpster. Perhaps I was thinking ahead when I moved in.

I don’t have a crystal ball. I don’t know what the future holds overall. I do know that I am jealous of those who live close enough to actually attend games, and particularly those who enjoy the pre-game gatherings and local events in support of the team.

With every day that goes by, the Evergreen State is looking better and better.

Steve Utz writes a column for Seahawks.NET every Sunday. Send your feedback to Steve at Top Stories