Fan Noise - "Dave Krieg Needs An Induction!"

Of all of the former quarterbacks for the Seattle Seahawks, none invokes more passion, pro and con, than Dave Krieg. Glenn Geiss gives his vote for Dave's induction into the Seahawks' Ring of Honor.

When Seattle fans think back to the Seahawks' glory years of the mid-80s, there are plenty of names to remember fondly. Steve Largent. Curt Warner. Dave Krieg. Jacob Green. Kenny Easley.

Pop Quiz: What do all these players have in common? Answer: They all belong in the Seahawks Ring of Honor. The sad part is, all of them are, except for the man who made it all happen.

Dave’s statistics still stand up, even today. Did you know that Dave Krieg is in the NFL’s top ten of all time in passing with over 38,000 yards? He’s surrounded by such names as Montana, Unitas, Aikman, and Young. Krieg was the first Seahawks QB to pass for over 400 yards in a game. His career QB rating was 82.3. He started more games than any other Seahawks QB in history. He has more touchdown passes and yards than many Hall of Fame quarterbacks, including Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Roger Staubach and Terry Bradshaw. He was in the Pro Bowl three times. That game against Oakland for the AFC Championship, the furthest the Seahawks EVER got in the postseason? They wouldn’t have gotten there if Chuck Knox hadn’t benched Zorn in favor in Krieg in October of 1983.

And yet, the Ring isn’t complete.

Dave Krieg was an unknown out of Milton College competing for a roster spot against five other QBs and made it on grit, tenacity, and ability to make things happen. It’s those much sought after qualities that made him successful, as well as part of the one major knock against him.

He fumbled too much. Way too much. In 19 years, he fumbled his way to second all-time (just below Warren Moon), third most fumbles in a season, and second most fumbles in one game. He’s also in the record books with fumble recoveries, in career, season and single game.

There’s one caveat to all of those dubious records. Dave Krieg was also second all time, career, in sacks, with nearly 500. Only a handful shy of John Elway’s 516 dirt-eating forays. When you get sacked that many times, you’re bound to lose the ball once in a while. Sacks, for the most part, are an indication that one of three things is wrong with your team – the offensive line sucks, your receivers suck and can’t get open, or your QB doesn’t know how to get rid of the ball. Or a combination of all three. Another lesser charge would be a lack of a running game, allowing opposing teams to blitz at will, but I’m not quite sure with “Ground Chuck” that was the case, at least for a major part of Krieg’s Seahawks career. Nope, I’d hang the majority of the blame on our porous offensive line.

So, in Dave’s career, out of every three sacks, he was bound to lose the football once.

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but all I remember from watching the Seahawks in the 80s, was teams constantly blitzing, Dave Krieg getting hammered, and the ball squirting loose. It seemed to me that every team knew how to beat the Seahawks – blitz early, blitz often. In fact, every time, to this day, when I see teams blitzing the Seahawks, I think teams STILL use this as the rule. Heck, the last game the Seahawks played, they got beat on a kitchen-sink blitz.

Now we all know how the Seahawks team mascot got his name.

So, in Dave’s defense against his place in the record books, I’d have to say that the fumbles, for the most part, weren’t his fault. Oh sure, some were, but when you’re getting your face planted so many times, you’re bound to fumble the ball. Our offensive line was a sieve.

In short, folks should recognize the positive contributions to the organization Dave Krieg made. He led our team to the AFC Championships, and was the driving force during the Seahawks’ glory years of the mid-80s. He deserves just as much credit for the team’s success as the other enshrined names in the Ring of Honor. It’s time for the Front Office to do the right thing, and add another name to the hallowed few already there.

He deserves it. WE deserve it.

Glenn Geiss writes the "Fan Noise" column for Seahawks.NET every Thursday. Feel free to send him feedback at Top Stories