The Stars Are Aligned - The Kids Are Alright!

Looking for another new way to project how college kids will perform in the NFL? .NET Guest Columnist Ann Farrar, a professional astrologer for over thirty years, follows the individual sun signs of all seven of the Seahawks' 2004 draft picks, as well as Mike Holmgren and Ray Rhodes.

As a Seahawk fan, and an enthusiastic student of .NET, the 2004 draft caught my interest and made a right turn to another subject:


For over 30 years, I’ve followed the planets, their movements and cycles; their patterns and pathways. I always learn something new.

So come along as I explore the personal solar aspects unique to the seven Seahawk draft picks of 2004 and their coaches, Mike Holmgren and Ray Rhodes. We’ll use their published birthdays and their individual sun signs, along with the American Ephemeris for the 20th Century to develop their snapshot profiles. We’ll gain some personal and professional insight into nine individuals whose success must mirror that of their team.

The Sun moves through the Zodiac circle completely once every year, starting with Aries and following this progression:

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Our personal sun – our birthdate – moves forward from that date through the signs, adding the unique characteristics of each sign to those represented by our birthdate. An Aries grows to meet and blend with Taurus, then with Gemini, for example.

When you see the following on the player profiles:

“Leo – Leo” (D.J. Hackett), the player was born in Leo and has been there to his present age, deepening the Leo influence. He’s heading to Virgo.

When you see “Cancer/Leo” (Donnie Jones, Jr.), the player was born in Cancer and now has added Leo to his Cancer traits and characteristics, expressing more Leo traits every year.

When you see “Gemini – Cancer – Leo” (Mike Holmgren), the coach has added both Cancer and Leo to his Gemini profile, and expresses more Leo traits every year, along with Cancer’s sensitivities.

Now that you have a basic background of how this analysis works, let’s move along to the coaches and players in question:

Mike Holmgren
Born: June 15, 1948
Gemini - Cancer - Leo

Mike Holmgren is a friendly, active person with a quick, perceptive mind. He can be very determined and is a powerful force when committed to - and staying with - a goal to its end. He is a natural strategist.

He is, at times, conflicted by the two sides of his nature - he is tough, assertive, and dominating and also sensitive, imaginative and giving. It is necessary and vital that he find and maintain balance within his duality. He is full of original ideas. An honest and direct perfectionist who is very good at assessing people. He loses faith too easily sometimes, and there are times when he doesn't recover quickly. At these times, his confidence suffers and his temper flares.

Holmgren has great pride in his work, but there are times when he can be "handcuffed" by his perfectionism. He is naturally supportive and enthusiastic when his self-confidence is high.

As a leader and motivator, he can either encourage or use angry force - he needs to boil it down into the natural strength of his leadership roles. He is strong and powerful (when his strength and power express themselves with respect), and very influential. He is, however, vulnerable when doubted. He is an idealist with a magnetic personality.

Ray Rhodes
Born: October 20, 1950
Libra - Scorpio - Sagittarius

Ray Rhodes was born with GREAT potential. He can be provocative and manipulative, with a natural wit that may turn to sarcasm. When he expresses his true traits, he's mentally sharp and persuasive. He has much to gain through cooperative efforts and partnerships, as well as influential contacts.

Rhodes' nervous system is highly tuned - but this can transform into self-defeating stress and irritable behavior as habit. Anger could endanger his relationships and his success. He is easily hurt by criticism and goes out of his way to avoid it.

Rhodes has an inner power which he needs to trust. He is restless, idealistic, shrewd and observant. He fights an inner dichotomy between a desire for peace of mind and deep discontent. He judges himself by his professional achievements. At times, he can be too critical and dominating.

When expressing his positive traits and his desire to help others - and when balancing his sharp mind and ability to interact with his restless dissatisfaction - he can realize his full potential.

Ray Rhodes needs to remember the positives that he was born with and the excellent instinct that has grown and deepened throughout his life.

Marcus Tubbs
Born: May 16, 1981
Taurus - Gemini

Marcus Tubbs is bright, sociable and creative, with a serious philosophical side. He has a direct manner that cuts through to the heart – and the point – of things. He has strong ambition and great mental concentration. He is methodical but mentally quick, and he can achieve tremendous results. He’s an instinctive person who learns faster than most.

He’s a natural mentor – happy, with a strong interest in people. A natural fit for anything he goes for and commits to, he’ll be a team player and a great contributor. He’s VERY quick when it comes to learning anything – in fact he’s happiest doing at least two things at once.

Tubbs will come in with the attitude, confidence and commitment of a veteran, because that’s where his head is. He’s not a rookie in his mind at all.

He’s a potential “leader of the new pack” with his excellence as a diplomat. Marcus seems to “defy time and space” and will need to be brought back down to earth on occasion, boring and slow though it may be. Details, Marcus…like remembering your inhaler! Details, well-structured, can provide the vital, anchored springboard from which he can fly high – AND land safely.

Michael Boulware
Born: September 17, 1981
Virgo - Libra
Michael Boulware is clever and perceptive, independent and very bright. He can pay attention to detail, and can become an excellent safety. He has quick responses, but he's also patient. He'll need to stay inspired and stay clear of doubt. As he progresses as a professional, his inner strength will emerge. He is a tenacious person who is willing to work very hard to get what he wants.

He needs to get – and stay – grounded. Getting comfortable in the structure (the team, the new position) will help. His natural leadership emerges as he moves into that new role.

Boulware responds to encouragement rather than criticism – his quick intelligence makes the necessary moves, as he replaces old patterns with new.

Sean Locklear
Born: May 29, 1981
Gemini - Gemini
Sean Locklear is multi-talented and versatile, with a brilliant mind. He responds best to well-defined goals and structure in his roles. He is self-disciplined and persistent, but he needs to guard against needless worry and scattered energies. He is extremely positive, creative and personable.

At times, his desire to please others may stretch him too thin and “water down” his potential. He is friendly and gregarious (traits that will deepen through the years), and he responds best to a cerebral approach.

A deep, strong Gemini, with highly reinforced communication skills, mental quickness and social strengths.

Niko Koutouvides
Born: March 25, 1981

Aries - Aries

Niko Koutouvides is daring and direct, with an active mind full of bright ideas. He is restless and rebellious – maturity is the key to his success. He has a “me-first” frame of mind, and raw energy which causes him to act first and think later. He has issues with impatience.

Hard work, commitment and responsibility will get him further than rebellion and stubborn, abrupt behavior – this he is still learning. He is growing into practiced skills, and he needs to develop his strong intuition and his ability to concentrate on the job. He is building pride in his role as a professional, but he’s still a bit too outspoken and direct. He doesn’t project as a team player.

Koutouvides has deep, accentuated Aries traits. Structure for his natural energies and their force can turn that force into power – otherwise, the force can be disruptive.

D.J. Hackett
Born: July 31, 1981

Leo - Leo
D.J. Hackett is a natural leader who can influence others and has a good eye for the big picture. He is proud and dramatic, and at his best in the spotlight of the individually strong contributor – he has a great “on-stage” capability. He’s full of commitment and determination.

There is a danger that he’ll become too self-critical, but he could be a team leader as his role grows and his light shines. He has an intellectual sharpness that allows him to take on difficult challenges. He is analytical and deliberate.

The best way to lead Hackett is to inspire and encourage him. He can be emotionally wounded with negative, aggressive fault-finding, and he may “clam up” when hurt.

He has very deep Leo traits – proud, compassionate and vulnerable.

Craig Terrill
Born: June 27, 1980

Cancer - Cancer
Craig Terrill is bright, friendly, versatile and very creative. Willing to please and contribute, he’s very quick at assessing people and situations. He has a fine mind and a desire to develop it. He needs to trust his first instincts – quite often, they’re his best. He can be innovative and courageous.

He shares the emotional fluctuations common to Cancer males – his moods can range widely from appearing temperamental, to talkative, or scattered, to appearing positive, entertaining, to being good company with a great sense of humor. When he realizes that these fluctuations come and go, that he always survives them and has better days after doubtful ones, he can begin to build the necessary confidence for considerable success.

Donnie Jones, Jr.
Born: July 5, 1980

Cancer - Leo

Donnie Jones, Jr. is enthusiastic, optimistic and multi-talented, with a strong desire to achieve and accomplish. He’s very self-disciplined and hard-working – enough to make his large dreams come true. He is intuitive and very mentally quick.

He can be moody – although less so later in life – and he is very proud, with a natural dignity and a need for recognition. He is determined and tough, has a strong sense of duty and extraordinary potential. He is vulnerable to heavy-handed development tactics, but will really produce when others trust and have faith in him.

A natural, compassionate leader, he flourishes as his team – or “tribe” – excels and flourishes as well. An enthusiastic contributor. Naturally happy “on stage”, he’ll do more than is expected of him.

.NET Guest Columnist Ann Farrar has been a professional astrologer for over thirty years, and a football fan for almost that long. Feel free to contact her here. Top Stories