Fan Noise: "I'm A Supastah!"

Visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. Egomania running rampant. Just who are the superstars of the Seattle Seahawks? Who are the pretenders? Let's find out, shall we?


Off-season STILL sucks. No film at 11 as absolutely nothing is going on.

As we go through the 4th week (by my count) of the off-season, nothing much has changed. I’m having a completely horrid time concocting articles out of thin air (ok, I’m sure you can come up with a completely different metaphor). Luckily the only ones that suffer are the ones silly enough to read this column, so chances are very few are actually insulted. Win-win situation for everyone.

I was amused a few weeks ago reading Mike Holmgren’s workout camp comments about Alex Bannister’s perceived notion that he’s a Pro Bowl-caliber wide receiver. In case you missed it, Alex basically assumes that since he went to the Pro Bowl, and he happens to be a wide receiver, he’s a Pro Bowl wide receiver. Of course he’s conveniently forgetting the little insignificant issue that he was given a Pro Bowl berth on the special teams squad for his contributions as a special teams player.

Let’s see. Alex had a blistering three catches for a total of 61 yards and one touchdown in 2003. In fact, our starting RB, FB, TE and back-up TE ALL had better numbers than Mr. Pro Bowl legend in his own mind, Alex Bannister.

And let’s not forget the little overtime loss in Green Bay during the play-offs. Oh, you know, where Alex ran his route short and the CB jumped between Mr. Pro Bowl Alex Bannister and the QB and ran (with the ball, of course) to the end zone.

I have nothing against Alex. He’s a nice guy. His lack of production as a wide receiver is simply due to the fact that he’s number four on the depth chart. He made a simple mistake that any receiver can make, it unfortunately came at the worst possible moment. He deserved to go to the Pro Bowl as a special teams player, he was terrific in his role on that squad as a Seahawk.

Drugs are bad, mmm’kay?

Don’t try and come off as all that and a bag of chips. Alex, when you finally get your chance to shine in the spotlight as a starting receiver, and put up Torry Holt-ish numbers (13 games, almost 100 receptions for over 1400 yards and ten TDs), THEN perhaps we can start to talk, mmm’kay?

Speaking of idiots - earth to Walter. To paraphrase Arnold Schwarzenegger…get your ass to camp. You’re not getting any younger. If you’re expecting the cash bonanza to continue even after your performance in 2003, then you need to get with the program.

Speaking of idiots part two – Jerramy, we really, REALLY want to believe in you. Again. Don’t let us down this year.

Potential Supastahs: Matt Hasselbeck, if Koren and Darrell get over the dropsies. Koren and Darrell if they get over the dropsies. Marcus Trufant, Ken Hamlin. Shaun Alexander if he finally has that breakout year we’ve been waiting for. Steve Hutchinson is probably the best left guard in the business. Too many names to mention them all.

Maybe it’s the homer in me (mmmm…beer….drool) but our team is absolutely bursting with talent, like a fat lady in a size three sundress. Our team positively excretes it. It oozes out of their pores like the smell of garlic. There is enough raw potential on this team to become everything we have hoped and dreamed for over a quarter of a century.

Let’s just hope they don’t step in it.

Glenn Geiss writes the "Fan Noise" column for Seahawks.NET every Thursday. Feel free to send him feedback at Top Stories