Fan Noise: Tres Chic

The momentum has been growing for quite a while. For years Seahawk fans have demanded respect. Now that they are getting some, how can they complain? Easy, it's in the blood.

You just can't win around here.

Well, the Seahawks can, on the field at least.

For years Seahawks fans have been clamoring for RESPECT. The Aretha Franklin type of respect.

I'm about to give you all of my money And all I'm askin' in return, honey Is to give me my profits

So, Seahawks fans, hold onto your butts, because the RESPECT is a comin'.

As I've mentioned in earlier columns, it's looking more and more like the Seahawks bandwagon is becoming the tres chic ride this year. What I didn't quite expect is to see some of the fellow fans standing on the curb complaining that there are no more cushy seats left.

Well, that's the price of fame and fortune.

Fans, however, seemingly fail to grasp one significant issue – that while the media or other fans may or may not have given respect to the Seahawks, other teams certainly haven't looked past them. Certainly not last year. If teams were looking past the Seahawks, they were given a rather rude awakening. There were times during games that opposing teams were standing around on the sidelines lamenting "We just can't stop these guys". Our offense is feared by all of the other teams. The entire league knows we were shafted out of two wins by the officiating crews. Despite our defensive collapses, this team was a legitimate 12-4 contender – no matter what our final record indicated. We should've won the NFC West. We should've had a first round bye and home field advantage.

That's how much the officials changed the course of our season.

Some folks will pish-posh that notion (what else is new) by saying that we shouldn't have been in position to lose those games to begin with. Sure, but the officials shouldn't have blown TWO calls during the same 30 second period in Baltimore, or tripped all over Darrell Jackson in the end zone for what would've been a sure game winning touchdown pass from Matt Hasselbeck.

So, instead of having a first round bye and home field advantage, we were forced to make a second trip to Lambeau Field to face Green Bay, a team that had spanked us earlier in the year quite easily.

And we gave them one hell of a game. While losing hurts, that was probably one of the best, hardest fought games in the entire post season. And that's why we're the sexy pick of 2004.

Now, on to reviewing last week's pre-season game.

I'm going to preface everything from this point to the end of the article with the following: Yes, I know it's just a pre-season game. Yes, I know it's just the first pre-season game. Yes, I know we watched a lot of guys that are most likely going to be cut before the first regular season game. Now, with that out of the way…

Man, that was a fun game to watch. Sure, it was fun not only because we won, but we won fairly easily. It was also fun simply because it was great to watch Seneca Wallace play. He has matured so much in one year. There was, obviously, some bad habits he needs to cut down on, number one being jumping up when he passes. He only did this a couple of times, and I'm sure Jim Zorn had a few words to say about that between series because he cut down on it as the game wore on. Otherwise, he was fast on his feet, dropped back quickly, made his reads and made great decisions, getting rid of the ball without screwing around. He also suffered from a bit of excitability (obviously) and threw his passes a bit high. His final stats of 14/26 135yds and 1 TD while not barn burners, was light years beyond last year, and outstanding considering he was listed as our 4th string QB.

Despite missing two thirds of our starting offensive line, Matt Hasselbeck and the first squad offense looked fairly crisp in the first two series. Our line the entire game only gave up one sack, which is quite remarkable, considering. Just goes to prove my point that our depth is the best it's been in years. The defense was merciless, sacking Green Bay six times. We held GB to a miserly 40 yards rushing and 116 yards passing. To put it in perspective, our back up RB (Morris) had nearly as many yards rushing (36), and Seneca Wallace has MORE passing yards than all three Green Bay QBs combined.

And Brett Farve is saying "super bowl or bust"? Riiiiight – for which team?

I was also very encouraged by Jerramy Stevens' play. He caught just about everything thrown his way, and displayed all of the traits befitting our number one pick. About time. Keep it up, Jerramy. I also loved seeing – right out of the gate, two tight end formations. Talk about giving the opposing team something to think about.

Some not-so-great things. Shaun looked absolutely pedestrian. Five carries, ten yards, most of which came on ONE seven yard run. They repeatedly attempted to run to the left – an area that was missing Jones and Hutchinson. Reinforces the fact that Shaun can't be the star player he should be without a good offensive line in front of him breaking out and creating those holes and downfield blocks. That's why it's called a team sport.

Our secondary – at times - looked a bit lost, especially in the first quarter. I'm also assuming that Marcus Trufant was simply testing his pass defense limits with that pass interference penalty right off the bat. His defense on that play wasn't anything different from last year, except for the fact it's now going to be called. Kind of bodes poorly for Shawn Springs out in DC though. That was a patented Springs pass defense style of play that will reduce Shawn to a has-been if the league officials are truly serious (and consistent) about calling it throughout the year.

The third quarter was ugly.

For some guys whose careers appear to be on the bubble, they certainly didn't make much of a case for themselves while others were. Omar Nazel, for example, was just outstanding, with three tackles, one assist, one sack and one forced fumble in his limited playing time. That's how you get a roster spot, boys and girls. I expect to see some interesting cuts on our roster in the near future.

The announcers were even uglier. It was nice hearing Joe Theisman constantly talking good about the Seahawks, but he's always been one of the few Seahawk supporters not affiliated with the local media. Pat Summeral, on the other hand, needs to quit.

Letting go of Brian Davis was one of the stupidest off season moves the Seahawks front office has ever made.

As I mentioned in an earlier column, my daughter is going to be part of the Jr Seagals halftime show this Saturday, for the Denver Broncos pre-season game. Big thanks to all of the Seagals who put on such a great clinic, my daughter had a great time. So, be sure to come out and cheer them on. Maybe I'll teach her the sprinkler as a surprise move she can do when our team scores.

Hope she gets to bust it out a few times.

Glenn Geiss writes the Fan Noise column for Seahawks.NET every week. Feel free to send him feedback at Top Stories